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Makeover Vegan Extreme: Spicy Chili Cheeze Corn Muffin édition

J'aime regarder des émissions de cuisine et la lecture de magazines alimentaires, mais quand j'ai commencé mon plan de perte de poids, J'ai dû apprendre à faire plus faible en calories, versions plus saines de recettes. Ils avaient besoin d'être "Poids Watcherized,"Si vous voulez. Cela signifie en utilisant des versions faibles en gras ou sans gras d'ingrédients, cutting the amounts of oil in half […]

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Weight Watchers: Vous m'avez eu au "Step On"

My relationship with Weight Watchers (WW) has been like a tumultuous love affair: we met, we hit it off, we shared good times and rough times, we broke up, we tried other relationships, we got back together, we broke up again… You know the movie: girl meets weight-loss plan, girl loses weight, girl cheats with […]

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Mon voyage végétalien

I have always been an animal lover but I have since learned how that particular self-concept fell short, in part, because of how and where I was raised. Born in the South Bronx, I never saw a lawn, a garden, or any animals other than dogs, chats, poisson (in tanks), pigeons, rats and roaches. Lots […]

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Le «V" Parole

Two years ago, I had never even heard of the “V” word. Now it’s not only a word I use hundreds of times each day but one that I have found elicits a wide range of reactions from people: from pride to shame, from welcoming to fear, from knowing to ignorance, from admiration to disgust, […]

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