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Makeover Vegan extrema: "Meat" Pão de Edição

A self-confessed food television addict, most of the shows I watch have nothing to do with vegan cooking. They don’t have much to do with healthy eating either. Ainda, I tune in to Dinner: Impossible, Top Chef, Cozinha do Inferno, Iron Chef and one of my favorite shows, Throwdown com Bobby Flay. I love to watch […]

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Makeover Vegan extrema: Berinjela Rollatini Edição

Tom’s favorite food is Italian food. Lasagna. Pizza. Baked ziti. Stuffed shells. When we went vegetarian, nada realmente mudou. We made sure we got marinara sauce instead of meat sauce and that was that. Porém, when we saw the light and went vegan, everything changed. Com certeza, I continued to make Italian food – yummy pasta […]

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