Estrema Vegan Makeover: Breakfast Edition: Tofu Scramble con funghi e patate e cipolla rossa Home Fries

Like many people with food and weight issues, I never used to eat breakfast. I usually didn’t wake up hungry; infatti, too many times I woke up still tasting the unhealthy food I had eaten too much of the night before. Or I might be rushing to work, thinking I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. And then I simply didn’t like most breakfast foods. Cereal, caldo o freddo, didn’t entice me. I’m not a big fan of “bread-y” and “dough-y” type foods like pancakes, waffles or French Toast. Per me, breakfast had to be diner-type food: scrambled eggs, cheese omelets, bacon, salsiccia, home fries, toast and coffee. This was a weekend type of indulgence but it was bad. Bad for my health, bad for the animals, and bad for the planet.

When I was transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, I didn’t mind giving up dairy. I quickly switched my milk and cheese to non-dairy, cruelty-free versions but I was having a hard time giving up my egg whites. Quando ho iniziato il mio viaggio di perdita di peso, I forced myself to begin each day with breakfast but it was difficult because there was nothing I wanted – except eggs. I would make a spinach omelet with egg whites almost every single morning. Tuttavia, when I learned about the torture of egg-laying hens and their chicks, I knew I had to give up the breakfast I had learned to love.

I heard people talk about tofu scramble as a substitute for eggs but I was not yet a tofu fan. The first time I attempted to make it, it ended up in the trash. I still don’t know what went wrong. I decided I needed to taste it somewhere else, somewhere where people knew what they were doing. Mio marito, Tom, and I went to The Organic Grill in NYC and tried a tofu scramble there. It had mixed veggies in it and vegan cheese and it was good. Then we had brunch at one of our favorite Vegan restaurants, Sacred Chow. OMG!! Tofu scramble with tempeh bacon on the side. E 'stato incredibile! I knew I had to learn to make my own version. And I did. I experimented and tried many different recipes and finally came up with a version that Tom and I love. Every time I make it, I change it up a bit, swapping out different vegetables, different greens, and different spices. Sometimes I choose zucchini or squash, broccoli or asparagus, kale or Swiss chard. Variety is the spice of Vegan life.

Funny thing is, we usually eat this “breakfast” for dinner. I still don’t like preparing a big meal in the morning but I have learned to enjoy other foods for breakfast. I start every morning with a healthy Vegan breakfast – whole-grain cereal with added flax and fruit, hummus with raw spinach and tomato or my new favorite comfort-food breakfast, Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese. But when I get that craving for diner-type breakfast, my Tofu Scramble and Home Fries hits the spot.

Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms and Collard Greens

1 block firm or extra firm tofu, drenato
2 cucchiaino. olio extra vergine di oliva
1 cipolla, tagliato a dadini
5 spicchi d'aglio, tritato
1 peperone, qualsiasi colore, tagliato a dadini
10 oz. funghi, affettato
1 large bunch of collard greens, gambo e tritate
2 cucchiaino. cumino macinato
2 cucchiaino. curcuma a terra
½ cucchiaino. coriandolo
½ cucchiaino. timo secco
½ cucchiaino. paprika
½ cucchiaino. peperoncino in polvere
1 Tbs. lievito alimentare
1/2 cucchiaino. sale nero
1/2 cucchiaino. pepe nero

In una padella profonda, heat the olive oil and add the onions and peppers. Cook su 5 minuti, fino a quando ammorbidito. Add the mushrooms and garlic and cook until mushrooms have browned and softened, circa 5 minuti.

Nel frattempo, mix spices and nutritional yeast into a small bowl and set aside.

Crumble the tofu into the skillet and let cook a few minutes. Add the spice mixture evenly and toss to coat. Continue to sauté about 5 minuti.

Add the collard greens and about ½ cup of water to the skillet, cover and let the greens wilt a bit, circa 5 più minuti. Uncover and toss the greens with the tofu scramble. If you like it moist, aggiungere più acqua. Serve at once with side dishes.

Seeing Red Potato and Onion Home Fries

3 cucchiaino. olio extra vergine di oliva
1 cipolla rossa, sliced in half-moons
1 peperone rosso, tagliato a dadini
4-6 patate rosse, affettato
4 spicchi d'aglio, tritato
1 cucchiaino. timo secco
1 cucchiaino. origano secco
Sale e pepe nero qb

In una padella, caldo 1 cucchiaino. dell'olio di oliva. Aggiungere la cipolla e peperoni e fate cuocere fino a quando ammorbidito, circa 5 minuti. Add the remaining oil, then add the potatoes, aglio e spezie. Mix together and press the mixture down into the pan with a spatula so it browns. Cook over low to medium heat about 25 minutes until the potatoes are softened. During that 25 minuti, toss the mixture and press down with the spatula again so each side gets brown.
Hint: to make this go faster, microwave or parboil the potatoes for a few minutes before adding to the skillet. Serve with tofu scramble.

Depending what you like, add tempeh bacon, seitan sausage, toast, frutta, ecc. Godere!!

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8 Le risposte alla Estrema Vegan Makeover: Breakfast Edition: Tofu Scramble con funghi e patate e cipolla rossa Home Fries

  1. Gary Loewenthal Agosto 31, 2013 a 2:58 pm #

    I made this recipe this morning. Yum! I had everything at home already except for the collard greens. But I had some spinach, quindi ho usato che, ramping down the water and cook time a bit, and it worked out great!

    • Rhea Agosto 31, 2013 a 4:05 pm #

      Hi Gary, Sono così felice che ti sia piaciuto. That was my first tofu scramble recipe ever! Make sure you try all the other versions I’ve come up with since then. Amore, Rhea

  2. Anonimo Novembre 17, 2009 a 4:14 su #

    Hey Rhea,
    Your blog is awesome. You know what also really helps tofu scramble? Braggs! I have a recipe and they use a lot of it, before I had the recipe mine just wasn’t the same. But yours looks great just as it is, just thought I’d mention it. Also the seitan looks AMAZING!!!
    Lauren Krohn

  3. Ginny Messina Ottobre 28, 2009 a 10:15 su #

    Rhea, have you tried black salt (which is actually pink!), also called Kala Namak? I discovered it from the book “Vegan Brunch,” and it has a natural egg-like flavor. You have to try it to believe it! I ordered mine online and I use it on scrambled tofu all the time, and also for “missing egg salad.”

    Mi piace il tuo blog! Great recipes and a really nice friendly writing style.

  4. Tom Ottobre 27, 2009 a 12:55 su #

    I’m so lucky, I get the best cooking and the best writing from the same person!

  5. kversteeg Ottobre 26, 2009 a 9:04 su #

    I love a tofu scramble and your looks better (probably tastes better) than mine! Can you come to Kansas and cook for me? I am going to try your recipe! Also.. I have always been partial to fried potatoes and onions. My mom always called that an Irish breakfast when i was growing up.

  6. stream Ottobre 26, 2009 a 7:47 su #

    rhea, looks so delish! and i am so full and still, i want to jump in2 the page and eat up all ur recipes. lots of love 2 u and tom.
    cliff, ur bud from the chow.

  7. Rae Ottobre 26, 2009 a 3:56 su #

    Looks great and really shows that vegan eating is wonderful as usual. Thanks for sharing this with us

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