Poemat na Światowy Dzień Vegan

November 1st is World Vegan Day
and November is Vegan Awareness Month.
Podczas gdy pisałem ten wiersz ostatniego lata, Myślałem, że Światowy Dzień Vegan był idealny czas, aby opublikować go tutaj na “V” Słowo.
"Personal Choice?"

Confusion, strach, panic

I don’t understand what is happening

Voices all around me, meaningless

But heavy with the weight of my destiny.

Dark, cramped, hot

I cannot move, cannot see

Hands are on me, rough and unfeeling

Yet feeling is all I can discern

Searing, burning, pain

Losing parts of me piece by piece

Blood flows, screams are loud

They go unheard and unacknowledged

Grabbing, squeezing, piercing

Stealing the seeds of my babies

My milk, meant to feed my young

Until I am drained and empty

Exhausted, throbbing, spent

What else do I have to give?

What did I do to deserve this?

But I receive no answer

Stunned, slashed, dying

I am one of G-d’s creations

Have I offended Him somehow?

Why does my life, my death not matter?

An omelet, a glass of milk, a drumstick, a steak

My seed, my sustenance, my child, my self

The human heart races with selfish desire

While mine ceases beating to satisfy it.

Please Go Vegan and Save Lives!

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