Arquivo | Fevereiro, 2011

Makeover Vegan extrema: Kung Pao Tofu Edição

Quando você pensa em comida chinesa, I would bet one of the last ingredients you would ever think of would be mayonnaise. I know that’s true for me. But that’s exactly the ingredient that is in this recipe for Kung Pao Tofu. I wish I could take the credit for this successful culinary matchmaking but […]

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Makeover Vegan extrema: Minestrone Soup with Turnip Greens Edition

Snow, snow, snow. It feels like it’s been snowing forever. Everywhere I look, all I see is white. Não me interpretem mal, it’s pretty but personally, I’m hoping Phil the Groundhog was right and that spring will be soon upon us. This weather just demands foods that are warm, filling and comforting. It is definitely […]

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