Estrema Vegan Makeover: Vegetable Lo Mein Edition

Lately I’ve had a lot of cravings for Chinese food. I miss going to my favorite places and getting takeout. I miss the cartons (and what’s happened to those lately? Too many plastic tupperware containers. That SO takes away from the Chinese food experience), the chopsticks, the fotune cookies. I even miss the dozen packets of duck sauce and soy sauce that I never, ever use.

The only thing I don’t miss is having to explain my Vegan and other dietary requirements. “It can’t have any meat or chicken or fish or egg.” “Is that made in chicken stock or fish stock?” “Are the vegetable spring rolls deep-fried in the same oil as the chicken wings?” “No MSG.” It can be exhausting if I’m not at a restaurant that already knows me.

So I’ve been making my own Chinese food: stir-fries, sesame noodles and my recently posted Kung Pao Tofu. When I make my own, I get to control the amount of sodium, sugar and whatever else is going into my food. Più, I get to make it gluten-free.

The most fun part is getting to make up my own combinations of ingredients. So often I would peruse a menu only to wish I could swap the veggies from 2 different dishes with the sauce of a third. But in my kitchen, I can have whatever combinations I want or just clean out the fridge and use up the veggies that are nearing the end of their shelf-life. Once you know the method, the combinations are endless: rice or noodles, green beans or broccoli, edamame or tofu, maybe peanuts.

This time I decided to make lo mein. I used the veggies I had in the fridge: funghi, peperone, scalogno, baby bok choy and asparagus. I topped it with peanuts and it tasted creamy and delicious. Now I just have to buy some Chinese cartons and chopsticks so I can have the full experience. Ma salterò la dozzina di pacchetti di sugo d'anatra e salsa di soia 🙂

Per la salsa:
1/4 tazza di brodo vegetale
1/4 tamari senza glutine coppa
2 cucchiaino. aceto di riso integrale
2 cucchiaino. olio di sesamo tostato
1 cucchiaino. tritato peperoncino
1 Tbs. nettare di agave

For the lo mein:
1 lb. spaghetti di riso marrone
1 Tbs. peanut or safflower oil
1 Tbs. zenzero fresco, tritato
4 spicchi d'aglio, tritato
3 scalogno, tagliato in 1 pezzi pollici
1 Tbs. gluten-free tamari for seasoning
1 mazzo di asparagi, tagliato in 1 pezzi pollici
1 peperone rosso, tagliato in 1 pezzi pollici
3 baby bok choy, trimmed and cut into 1 pezzi pollici
10 oz. funghi, affettato
2 cucchiaino. corn starch
toasted peanuts for garnish

Riempire una pentola con acqua a bollire per la pasta. Nota: avete intenzione di riservare un po 'di acqua di cottura della salsa più tardi.

Mescolare gli ingredienti per la salsa insieme in una tazza o ciotola. Mettere da parte. Chop all the vegetables first so they will all be ready to just throw in the pot. I cut everything into long strips including the bok choy. I put the leaves of the bok choy aside.

Quando l'acqua bolle, add salt to the pot and put the noodles in. Li Mescolare. Se si utilizza spaghetti senza glutine, prendono più tempo per cucinare, circa 15 minuti o giù di lì. When they are 3/4 del modo fatto, avviare sulle verdure. Non si ha voglia di cucinare loro troppo presto altrimenti si perde il loro colore e la crisi. Put the peanuts in a small, dry skillet and cook until they smell peanuty. Non lasciare che bruciare. Set them aside when ready.

In a deep skillet or wok, scaldare l'olio fino a quando non brilla. Aggiungere l'aglio e lo zenzero. Non lasciare che bruciare. Have the next ingredient ready. Add the scallions and a drop of tamari. Adding a drop of tamari or soy sauce after each ingredient helps develop the flavors. Add the asparagus, then the bell pepper, then the mushrooms and the bok choy stems. Mescolare bene.

Using a mug, take some of the cooking water from the pasta pot and add it slowly to the veggie mix. Aggiungi 2 cucchiaino. of corn starch to thicken and glaze the sauce. Quando gli spaghetti sono al dente, scolarli e aggiungerli alle verdure. Mix the noodles well with the vegetables. Add the reserved bok choy leaves, the sauce you prepared earlier and mix well. Spegnere il fuoco. Garnish with the peanuts and serve.


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One Response to Estrema Vegan Makeover: Vegetable Lo Mein Edition

  1. Anonimo Giugno 2, 2013 a 12:32 pm #

    The recipe sounds yummy. I have been wanting Chinese as well.

    They make stainless steel chopsticks now which are reusable. The Chinese government has actually asked their people to stop using the single use wooden chopsticks, because of the impact on the forests.

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