Extreme Makeover Vegan: Stewed Patty Pan Squash Edition

One of the best things about being Vegan is that you can never run out of new foods to try. The variety of plant-based foods is endless. So if you ever get the feeling that you’re in a rut, eating the same old things again and again, just pick up a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before.

Summer squash is not new to me but I had never tasted patty pan squash (chociaż ja rozwijać je w moim wirtualnym upraw na Farmville 🙂 Kiedy zobaczyłem je na targu, I knew I had to get some and try them. Patty pan squash are so pretty, like little bursts of bright sunshine.

Most recipes for patty pan squash involve stuffing and roasting them which keeps their beautiful shape intact. But it’s summer and it’s hot so I decided to stew them instead. It’s a very simple recipe with onions, papryka, czosnek, tomatoes and parsley. It almost seemed a shame to cut them up but the finished dish was gorgeous, packed with the bright colors of summer’s bounty.

This recipe can be a simple side dish or it can be an entree served over rice, makaron, quinoa or whichever whole grain is your favorite. You can add chickpeas or beans to make it even more filling.

Summer is the perfect time for trying new foods, whether you find them at a Farmer’s Market or in your own garden. The bright yellow globes of patty pan squash are the epitome of summer!

Duszony Patty Pan squasha


2 tsp. oliwa z oliwek
1 mała cebula, chopped
1 mała papryka, chopped
1 ząbek czosnku, mielony
4-6 Roma pomidory, diced or 1-14oz. może pomidory pokrojone w kostkę
6 patty pan squash
Sól i pieprz do smaku
2 Tbs. natki pietruszki


Trim the stems of the squash and cut them into halves or fourths, depending on the size of the squash.

Heat the oil in a large sauce pot. Add the onions and let soften, o 3-4 protokół. Add the bell pepper and let cook for another 2 protokół. Add the garlic and the tomatoes. Zamieszać.

Dodaj do squasha, sól i pieprz. Cover the pot and let cook for about 45 minutes until the squash is tender.

Add parsley and serve.

Cieszyć się!

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3 Odpowiedzi na Extreme Makeover Vegan: Stewed Patty Pan Squash Edition

  1. Mona Czerwiec 9, 2013 w 9:30 w #

    Just came across your site when I was searching Patty Pan Squash recipes. LOVE! You seem to have some great looking recipes! Can’t wait to try some! Dzięki! And congrats on your health journey. 🙂

  2. Rhea Parsons Sierpień 9, 2011 w 4:13 w #

    Thanks Barbie. I liked the idea of not turing on an oven too. Plus without stuffing them, jest mniejsza ilość kalorii 🙂

  3. Barbie Sierpień 9, 2011 w 3:56 w #

    That looks yummy! I like the idea of stewing them. Guess I need to get myself to a farmers market stat!

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