VeganMoFo: Le «V" Parole et l'ABC de l'alimentation végétalienne!

October is my favorite month in my favorite season. I met Tom in October and we got married on that same date 4 ans plus tard. We rescued Benny (and he rescued us) in October. Halloween is my favorite holiday. The leaves are changing to beautiful colors of greens, oranges, reds and browns. The weather is cool and crisp and winter is still a while away. Sweaters and jackets come out of the closet and it’s the perfect time for cooking warm, comforting food like soups and stews.

Octobre est également VeganMoFo or the Vegan Month of Food. Créé par l' Post Punk Kitchen, VeganMoFo is a month where hundreds and hundreds of bloggers sign up and agree to post at least 20 entrées de blog liés à l'alimentation végétalienne. The posts can be recipes or cooking tips, critiques de restaurants ou la photographie / vidéo. Cette année, La “V” Word is participating. Yay! (Je pense que).

Some bloggers do themes like veganizing recipes from a certain cookbook, recipes for certain television shows or using unusual spices. I wasn’t going to do a theme but then as I thought about it, it hit me: Le “V” Word can celebrate Veganism with the other 25 lettres de l'alphabet! So each entry will be a post (recette, book review, revue de produit, pensées, etc) based on one letter of the alphabet other than “V.”

And because my head will be spinning trying to write 25 blog posts in one month, I will keep the alphabet in order so I don’t get confused. 🙂

So come along for the ride as The “V” Word does VeganMoFo and covers the ABC’s of Vegan food! This should be interesting!

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2 Les réponses à VeganMoFo: Le «V" Parole et l'ABC de l'alimentation végétalienne!

  1. Rhea Parsons Mai 11, 2012 à 1:43 sur #

    Wow, that’s tough. You can read it in detail in “Ma santé Journey” posted on Jan. 1st or 2nd of this year.

    But top 3…hmmm…

    1. No white/refined/processed foods (I know that’s cheating because it’s 3 but it really means just eat whole foods)

    2. Portion control – something I’m still struggling with. Don’t make more than what your serving should be. Don’t bring whole bowls of food to the table. You put your food on your plate, you eat what’s on your plate, you’re finished.

    3. Eat breakfast. I never did but then I made up for it at dinner. If you go to bed after a sensible dinner, you should wake up hungry.

    If I could have a 4th, I’d say exercise (cheating again… 🙂

  2. 'PeachBelle' Mai 10, 2012 à 4:29 pm #

    116 lbs lost??!! CONGRATS! Will you share your top 3 tips for how you did/do it?

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