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ザ “V” celebrates VeganMoFo 他との 25 アルファベットの文字. 今日手紙 “C言語” コリーンパトリック·Goudreauの略.

私のために, 私はなりたいビーガンのタイプは、一人の女性に象徴されている, コリーンパトリック·Goudreau. She is the author of many amazing cookbooks including The Joy of Vegan Baking, ビーガン表, Color Me VeganThe 30-Day Vegan Challenge. Colleen is the founder of Compassionate Cooks and has the very popular podcast, 思考の糧. What I love most is that Colleen has made people associate Veganism with joy and love.

So many people think of sacrifice, sadness and anger when they hear the term “完全菜食主義者の” but Colleen, through her books and her podcasts, shows how to be a Joyful Vegan. She fights the fight and defends the animals, all while promoting respect, patience and the type of activism that gets people to listen, rather than turn away.

While I could write volumes about the wisdom I have accumulated from listening to and reading her works which have helped shape the type of vegan I have become, this post will focus on food and language.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and I share the same ideas about the language of food. 私が最初にビーガンになったとき, I used the terminology that was taught to me. I called vegan cheese “fake cheese,” Boca burgers were “faux or mock meat,” soymilk was an alternative to “real milk.” When I began writing recipes, I put words like butter, 牛乳, cheese and cream in quotes as if to say they weren’t the REAL items but some fake vegan substitutes.

One day a debate ensued on a Facebook group page for using the word “meat” when describing an Extreme Vegan Makeover for meatloaf. 一部の人々は動物から作ら食べ物を彼らに思い出させる言葉を見たり聞いて好きではない. I respect that so I came on the blog and put all the words like that in quotation marks in the titles of all my recipes.

私は私のレシピのための「代替」の名前を思い付くの提案がありました, e.g. 甘いパン, veet loaf or maybe I could do what the big companies do and purposely misspell words like “chickn” or “wyngz,「母音を削除するか、手紙を変えるかのようにすると、すべてで動物を考えることはありません??

I ended up struggling over what to call my Veganized recipes. I didn’t feel comfortable with the made-up names or the misspellings and I began to dislike the quotes as well. 結局, my food isn’t fake food, it’s real food. And why is vegan milk the substitute for dairy milk and not the other way around? I even wrote a long blog post on my struggle over what to call my レンズ豆ミートボール.

だから私は、特定の単語の語源にいくつかの読書をした. オンライン語源辞典によると、, the term “meat” comes from the Old English word “mete” which meant food as opposed to drink. それは、ずっと後に14世紀頃まで、動物の肉を意味するために使用されなかった. 今日はいるココナッツとセイタンの「肉」を語る「小麦の肉。 "

The word “flesh,「無料の辞書によると, 「どろどろを意味するために植物学で使用されている, 果物や野菜の通常食用部分」とも物質を意味することができます. 「ミルク」は、種子から発現液体を記述するために使用される用語である, ナッツや穀物だけでなく、ヒト以外の動物と人間の動物から.

最終的には, after much thought and research, I decided to call them what they were: Lentil Meatballs but I still put the word “肉” in quotes. Today I wouldn’t do that. I would write it just as I have in this post.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau writes how she steers away from words like “mock,""偽,「「代替,""偽物,ビーガン食理由」や「模倣」 IS 実際の食品や、一部劣っていない, 動物性食品の非現実的なバージョン. 彼女はに書いている ビーガン人民日報コンパニオン, which is one of my favorite books EVER, 「定義により, 言葉 “代替案” と “代替” 彼らはに対して測定されているものが優れて選択であることを意味するもの; すなわち, あなたが選ぶ “代替” あなたは本物を得ることができないとき, というように " (P. 175). 私は完全に同意する. 人々は、彼らが "偽"のチーズを食べると言うとき、私は好きではない. 私は食べるチーズは偽物ではありません. これは、プラスチック製ではないか、チーズをふり. それだけで非乳製品チーズです.

プラス, 私のレシピは、古い事前野菜のお気に入りのブラッシュアップである場合, その後, もちろん, 彼らはどこかで元の名前を持っている持っているか、どのように誰もがそれは私が思いやりで再作成しようとしているか知っている, 残酷のない方法? If I call my recipe Chickpea Salad and not ヒヨコマメ "マグロ"サラダ, 次に、どのように誰も私が多くの人々のマグロのサラダやサンドイッチを再作成しようとしてい知っているだろう, 私を含め, ベジタリアンやビーガンになる前に愛した? 一部の人々は、動物性食品のそれらを連想させる何かを食べることの思考で気色が悪いかもしれないが、多くがあります, 多くの人々, 再び私を含め, 彼らは彼らの感覚と彼らの記憶にはよく知られているビーガン食品とそれらの欲求を満足させる方法を食べて、感謝するために使用される食品を欠場者.

実際には, someone told me that my Chickpea “Tuna” Salad was just the thing her sister needed to give up eating tuna! THAT 私のエクストリームビーガンブラッシュアップの目的です.

Now I have changed my method and leave the quotes off my ingredients because they don’t need qualification or validation. I don’t write the qualifier “vegan” every time I mention the milk, butter or cheese I use because all the ingredients I use are Vegan. If I use soymilk, almond milk or other non-dairy milk, I will say so. When I add vinegar to my milk, I get buttermilk, not “buttermilk.” The type of yogurt I use, soy or coconut, is stated in the ingredient list but I don’t feel the need to repeatedly specify this in the directions or in the title of a recipe, i.e. Indian Eggplant in Chile-Yogurt Sauce. I will use quotes if I am emulating a food that isn’t in the recipe, i.e. “Chicken” Soup.

Fake food is served at children’s play tea parties with their dolls. The food I eat is real, more real than a lot of the fast-food and processed junk out there. A burger at a chain restaurant may contain only a percentage of beef but you don’t see them putting quotes around the names of their food. Why should I?

As Colleen says, “When we use words that make plant-based foods seem unreal and unappetizing, we foster the public perception that these foods are just that. If we reclaim the language around plant-based foods, we can go a long way in mainstreaming the vegan ethic.”

“C” is for Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. For another “C” word, 私をチェックアウト “Chicken-Fried” Seitan Steak.

"V"のWord: それを言う. それを食べる. それを生きる.

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  1. レアパーソンズ 10月 10, 2011 に 2:02 午後 #

    スーザン – それは素晴らしいことです. I guess if we all keep using more positive terminology, people will get used to it.

  2. スーザン 10月 9, 2011 に 5:20 午後 #

    So true. Since reading lots of CPG writing, I have been trying to stop calling things fake or faux. I will specify as plant-based. It is making some of my omni friends a wee bit confused and uncomfortable at time!

  3. レアパーソンズ 10月 6, 2011 に 2:28 上の #

    Micky, that must have been great to see her. I agree with you. She’s an inspiration.

  4. Micky 10月 6, 2011 に 12:24 上の #

    I was fortunate enough to be able to hear and meet Colleen in San Francisco last Saturday at The World Veggie Fest. (and also buy her most recent book “ザ 30 Day Vegan Challenge”) I agree with you Rhea, Colleen is the kind of vegan I would like to be….she is so inspiring, joyful and full of wisdom.

  5. レアパーソンズ 10月 5, 2011 に 2:15 午後 #

    I have The Vegan Table and it’s great. The Vegan’s Daily Companion is still my favorite. It is such a feel-good book! A beautiful gift.

  6. 10月 5, 2011 に 7:15 上の #

    I only have The Joy of vegan Baking & Color Me Vegan at the moment but i’m definitely planning to get a copy of The vegan table after flicking through it at a friends house the other day.

  7. レアパーソンズ 10月 5, 2011 に 3:41 上の #

    VeganMarr – ありがとう! We need to spread the word our food is the real deal!

    Jenna – you’re so lucky! I would love to meet her. Have a great time!

  8. JENNA 10月 5, 2011 に 3:37 上の #

    偉大なポスト! I’m going to have a chance to hear her speak in Montclair, NJ in about 2 週間!

  9. VeganMarr 10月 5, 2011 に 3:08 上の #

    Excellent blog! Thank u!! Great points! 私は同意 & will drop the “偽物” term!!! 🙂

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