私の 10 ホリデーギフトを与えるためのお気に入りの書籍

私は本が好き. 本は私の非常に好きなものの一つです. それは私が図書館員と結婚も不思議です? 本は素晴らしい贈り物になると、これらはビーガン/動物の権利の本のための私のトップ10の選択肢である (料理本は、このリストに含まれていません; それは来て別のリストです).

It was hard to limit my choices so I just thought about which books I would have loved to receive as a gift, which books I would never give up and which books I pick up to read again and again. These are those books (in no particular order).

1. The Ethics of What We Eat: 私たちの食べ物の選択肢はピーター·シンガーとジム·メイソンによってマターなぜ

It only makes sense to start my list with the books that got my Vegan journey started. This was one of the first books I read when I became a vegetarian. The Ethics of What We Eat was a great introduction to the ethics of our food choices. It follows three families and examines their grocery-buying habits: one family who shops at Walmart buying lots of animal products at low prices, one family who shops for “放し飼いの,” “cage-free,” and other supposed “humane” animal products and one family who is vegan.

You can’t read this book and not end up examining your own behavior and the rationales you use. It was because of this book that I knew I had to stop buying and eating eggs (the last animal product I gave up) because the term “cage-free” was practically meaningless.

2. Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings—と 7 Steps to End Them Naturally by Neal Barnard, M.D.

Breaking the Food Seduction holds a very special place in my Vegan journey. I brought this book with me on our trip to North Carolina to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Tom and I had eloped in Wilmington, ノースカロライナ州. We joke (kind of) that we were looking forward more to the barbeque than to our wedding only to find out we didn’t like North Carolina BBQ sauce (sorry N.C., we still love your state!). We got married in October and by that summer, we were vegetarians. I read the book aloud as we made the drive from New York to North Carolina.

It was amazing to learn of the biological hold that certain foods have on us, to learn about opiates in cheese and chocolate. Being the control freak that I am, I hated the idea that any food could have such control over me or that I could be addicted to a particular food. I re-read that book over and over during our entire vacation and knew it was going to be the end of dairy for us. We became fully vegan within 4 months from that trip.

3. ジョン·ロビンスによる新しいアメリカのための食事療法

This was the 3rd book that boosted my journey. Diet for a New America is the book that, 私には, was the heart of the issue. While the other 2 books I mentioned appealed to the academic side of me, this book appealed to my emotions. Even though Robbins discusses health, 倫理, and the environment, this was the book that opened my eyes to the horrors of factory farming and the Standard American Diet. Robbins’ passion comes through in every word and is infectious.

4. お皿に顔: The Truth About Food by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

I love all of Jeffrey Masson’s writings but this book is amazing. お皿に顔 provides all the usual arguments against eating animal products but slams the point in your face with stories of the emotional distress of the animals. In his beautiful, personal narrative, Masson tells it like it is and doesn’t give the reader any place to hide about WHO is on their plate and how HE or SHE got there. His honesty also shows in his own struggles with veganism which is rare in an author. 要するに, Masson’s books are about empathy and compassion and nothing speaks to Veganism better than that.

5. 私たちは、犬を愛する理由, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy, 博士.

The psychologist in me loves this book. 私たちは、犬を愛する理由, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows answers the age-old questions of what makes one life worth more than another and how we decide which animals, such as cows and pigs, are acceptable to eat while others, such as dogs and cats, would have us outraged. Using social psychology, Melanie Joy explores the ways we desensitize and disconnect from our natural empathy for farmed animals. She coins the term “carnism” to describe the belief system that has conditioned us to eat certain animals and not others.

I think most vegans go through a period when they ask themselves how they didn’t see the animals’ suffering for so long, how they could have been part of such cruelty and how is it that others can’t see it. This book gives an explanation for that. It isn’t meant to be an advocacy book but it definitely encourages change with the awareness it provides.

6. 世界平和ダイエット: ウィル·タトルによる精神的健康と社会の調和のために食べること, 博士.

Last year I completed The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training Program. Along with many other readings and podcasts, we were assigned 世界平和ダイエット 本. 博士. Tuttle explores humanity’s relationship with the foods we eat, how we are indoctrinated into a culture that sees animals as commodities and how our control and domination over others is the root of violence in our society.

If you want to grow spiritually, live a conscious and compassionate life and contribute to world peace, this is a must-read book for you. 博士. Tuttle explores the negative aspects of our culture in a way that makes you want to embrace the positive, show reverence for all life, practice ahimsa and move toward a world of peace.

7. ミッシングピース: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals by Tina Volpe and Judy Carman

If you love reading people’s personal stories of transformation, this is the book for you. Based on the idea that non-violence does not exclude animals, ミッシングピース explores the personal and societal benefits of living peacefully with all beings.

The first part of the book is filled with stories of transformation, evolution, epiphany, and the life changes of people who realized that all life is precious. There are stories of people who looked at their dog and suddenly realized he was no different from the animal on their plates. There are stories from former hunters, butchers, slaughterhouse workers, and a fisherman who is now the founder of SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). All of the stories are personal, heart-felt and inspirational.

The second part of the book examines the spiritual, scientific and historical reasons for changing our views towards animals including different religious viewpoints. It’s very informative and educational but the pull of this book is in the personal stories of the people who share their journeys with us – journeys with might identify with, journeys that seem miraculous, journeys that take different paths toward a common destination.

8. 緑は新しい赤です: ウィル·ポッターによる社会運動沈黙の戦艦のインサイダーのアカウント

あなたは今まで動物の権利抗議やデモに参加した? あなたがこれまでオンラインの動物の権利/解放グループに参加している? あなたは今までにスーパーや子犬ミルに行って、そこにビジネスを行う人々を落胆しようとしています? あなたは今まで単に動物または環境的な原因を促進するリーフレットを配っています? もしそうなら, あなたは「国内テロリスト」を標識することができた怖い, 許? それは信じられないに聞こえるかもしれないが、それは本当だ.

緑は新しい赤です, ウィル·ポッターは、動物/環境行動の履歴を調べ、どのように、法の目に受信されている, 政治, 大企業や連邦当局. ジョン·ルイスによると、, FBIの公式, 「いいえ. 1 国内のテロの脅威は、エコテロで, 動物権運動。「動物企業保護法の 1992 動物エンタープライズテロリズム法に拡張されました (アエタ族) 市民的不服従と見なされることになって、私たちの憲法修正第一条の権利の下で保護されているアクションのための活動家の法的訴追を可能にする.

皆 – 活動家か – 何が起こるかについては、この本を読むべき, 彼らは憲法修正第一条の下で安全であると思う人たちに何が起こるのでしょう. この本は活動家である人のための読書要求されるべきである. (For my full book review, see my post ここで).

9. The Vegan’s Daily Companion by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

My favorite book by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is the Vegan’s Daily Companion. ビーガン人民日報コンパニオン is a beautiful book. It makes me wish there were 10,000 days in a year so that that the book would be longer. There is no way to read just one entry per day.

The book is filled with inspiring tales of rescued animals’ 経験, tips on effective activism, delicious recipes and ideas for foods that may be new to some people and synopses on classic literature, movies and poetry about animals. There are gorgeous full-color photos that just leap off the page and a pretty purple ribbon to hold your place.

This is the perfect gift to give anyone who is Vegan, ベジタリアン, thinking about going veg or is an animal lover. So much of what we read about the plight of animals is sad and depressing. Vegan’s Daily Companion is just what we need to revitalize and remotivate ourselves. それだ 365 smiles in one book!

10. 95: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs by No Voice Unheard

Let’s end the list with the beauty of the animals because that’s what truly matters. Ninety-Five is an amazing anthology of writing and photography by rescuers, caregivers, and those who love the animals.

Ninety-five (the average number of animals saved each year by eating veg) is filled with the stories of animals who were rescued and live at one of several animal sanctuaries. Some of the stories are sad, いくつかの悲痛, some joyful, some triumphant. It is a sure bet that many of them will make you cry – for sadness, happiness or both. This book introduces you to the animals, tells you their stories, their trials and their triumphs. You meet them and get to know them – their tales of suffering and rescue, their friendships at the sanctuaries, their immeasurable capacity to forgive and to love.

With beautiful photographs throughout and a glossary of who’s who in the back, each story, told by the people who actually rescued, cared for and loved them, will remind you what Veganism is all about: the animals and their lives. Their beautiful, precious lives.

So what books are your favorites? Which are you hoping to receive as a gift? I know I probably left some of your favorites off the list; I know I left lots of my favorites off the list but I had to stop somewhere. Tell us your favorite vegan/AR book or what you are hoping for in the comments section. Happy Reading! 楽しむ!

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  1. ティナペ 11月 27, 2012 に 10:20 上の #

    I am so honored that you have “ミッシングピース” listed… and to be among some of the best books out there (my favorites too), ESP. John Robbins “Diet for a New America” and Masson’s “Face on your Plate”…. and I adore Jim Mason – anything he’s done… as well as Will Tuttle 🙂 Wow…what a great list! おかげレア

  2. Diane Leigh 12月 22, 2011 に 2:26 上の #

    Love and thanks from No Voice Unheard for including our book, 95. We’re a very small, all volunteer, non-profit publisher, so this really helps. しかし、もっと重要なこと, we are so honored to have Ninety-Five chosen and so honored to be in the company of many of our favorite authors and books. ありがとう, and thank you for what you do to make a better world for the animals!

  3. thatwasvegan 12月 13, 2011 に 6:16 上の #

    Great list, 教えてくれてありがとう! Green is the New Red is on my personal wish list 🙂

  4. Judy Carman 12月 12, 2011 に 11:18 上の #

    I am so thrilled that you have included The Missing Peace in your list of favorite books. It was a work of love for me and Tina–straight from our hearts. Gathering the stories was an inspirational adventure for us, as we found so many people who had discovered the inner peace that comes from simply being kind and including all sacred life in our circle of kindness. レア, 私はあなたのブログが大好きです. Thank you for creating this. I believe it will do a lot to help people understand the urgent necessity to become vegan. You are a blessing to the animals and you are bringing hope for a world of harmony and peace for all beings. Judy Carman

  5. ベガ先輩 12月 11, 2011 に 9:24 午後 #

    Very goo list of books. I was especially glad to see some of Jim Mason’s efforts mentioned (“The Ethics of What We Eat” co-authored with Peter Singer). 氏. Mason’s book “An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature and Each Other” is an excellent book.

    Good idea to post this for those searching for gift ideas.

  6. 郊外の白雪姫 12月 11, 2011 に 12:29 上の #

    ワウ! What a terrific blog and terrific post! I’ve read 95, Why We Eat Dogs…, and Vegan’s Daily Companion and they’re all terrific! All the others are already on my to-read list! 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  7. lea 12月 10, 2011 に 10:30 午後 #

    Great list! The Ethics of What We Eat was my turning point book as well. I listened to the book on tape and by the end of the book I went from a dairy free meat eater to vegan just like that. That was 4 and a half years ago. I’ve only read a few others and will have to put the rest on my “to read” リスト. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. callie 12月 10, 2011 に 4:06 午後 #

    I want to read the others, but The World Peace Diet is so far unbelievable. I am halfway through with it now. I can’t wait to get a Kindle and buy these. 🙂

  9. レアパーソンズ 12月 10, 2011 に 3:04 午後 #

    Thank you so much Jeffrey. I am honored to have you leave such nice comments.

    We can definitely talk about other books but we are not going to agree on Freud, I can tell you that 🙂

  10. 不明 12月 10, 2011 に 10:51 上の #

    I am honored to be included in your list. Love all the books on it as well, not just my own! Jeff Masson

  11. 不明 12月 10, 2011 に 10:51 上の #

    I am honored to be on your list of books! I love all the other books to. I would like to see what books you like in general, not just about being vegan, to see if we share other tastes as well. Jeff Masson

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