Mój 5 Ulubione Pomysły na prezenty, które pomogą Sanktuaria i organizacje zwierząt

To, że pory roku ponownie – czas, aby zacząć kupować prezenty wakacje dla naszych bliskich (i nawet nasi bliscy nie tak). Uwielbiam kupowanie prezentów, które dają z powrotem do organizacji i do zwierząt.
Tom and I have a tradition that at least one of our Chanukah gifts to each other is a donation to the charity of our choosing. It’s a tough decision because there are so many worthy causes out there and we try to choose different causes each year but we have to admit that we do have some favorites:
Petfinder.com – because that’s where we found our Benny
Miłośnicy zwierząt Liga – the no-kill shelter in Long Island that rescued Benny from a kill-pound right before he was to be euthanized because his week was up.
PetLoss.com – a 24/7 grief support site that literally saved me when I lost my Poochie.
I thought I would present a list of my 5 favorite gift ideas that help animal sanctuaries and animal organizations. Oczywiście, it is hard to narrow the list down to just 5; there are so many worthy organizations. But these are my favorites:
1. A list of my favorite things has to start with my absolutely favorite place in the whole world: Woodstock Animal Farm Sanctuary. Dla mnie, this is a magical place filled with precious souls – the rescued animals and the people who care for them.
There are lots of great gift ideas at Woodstock Sanctuary. You can sponsor a rescued farm animal and cover the costs of feeding, shelter and care for 1 rok. The lucky recipient gets a beautiful, personalized photo card of the animal you select, including a description of that animal’s rescue story and personality, plus an optional personalized note from you! The recipient also gets full membership to the farm and special privileges to visit their animal any time of year. I sponsor Beatrice, a rescued turkey.
The Woodstock Sanctuary calendar is also a great gift featuring 13 months of the sanctuary’s rescued animals. The shop also sells t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies (I think I have one of each), książki, sztuka, and a gift certificate in case you’re not sure which wonderful item to buy.
And until the end of 2011 a super-generous anonymous donor is matching all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000 so this is the perfect time to make a darowizna to the sanctuary which you can make in honor or in memory of someone.
2. Mercy For Animals is offering “Peace for All” holiday cards. For just $10, you get a box of 12 cards featuring an adorable calf standing alongside his watchful mother. The back of the card contains a brief description of MFA’s vital work and how to make a tax-deductible gift. The inside is blank for you to write your own personal message.
Mercy For Animals also sells t-shirts, torby na ramię, bumper stickers, videos and more in their store.
3. Another favorite place of mine is Elephant Sanctuary w Tennessee. Here you can sponsor one of the elephants (did you know it costs $30 a day to feed one elephant?), buy clothing, kalendarze, torby na ramię, filmy, mugs and so much more.

Shirley is my favorite elephant but there are individual items showcasing each of the girls and a special gift shop featuring Tarra and her best friend, Nicea, the sanctuary’s dog who just passed away.

4. Animal Rescue Site ma mnóstwo wspaniałych prezentów dla miłośników zwierząt i każdą pozycję można kupić Fundusze co najmniej 14 miski z jedzeniem schronisko dla zwierząt w potrzebie. Albo nic nie kupić; można po prostu przejść do witryny każdego dnia i kliknij przycisk, aby pomóc zwierzętom schronienie RSS zupełnie za darmo.

5. Dostaliśmy słodycze? Czekoladki ratownicze, założona przez Sarah Grossa, jest "najsłodszy sposób uratować życie!"Od każdego zakupionego czekolady, 100% zysków netto zostały przekazane do organizacji ratownictwa zwierząt w całym kraju. Oferują one giftable kolekcje bezmlecznych, wegańskie, koszerne / Parva, i pięknie ręcznie wykonane czekoladki zaczynając właśnie $25.

But if you really want to go all out, The 12 Night of Christmas gift box ($150)contains: Peanut Butter Pit Bull chocolate bar, Wild At Heart (6-heart box), The Fix chocolate bar, Mission Feral Fig chocolate bar, Bow Wow Bon Bons, a T-shirt, Shelter Dogs coffee table book autographed by the author, a Found Leash, Pick Me Pepper chocolate bar, Fakin’ Bacon chocolate bar, $25 Gift certificate for future purchases and a Foster-iffic Peppermint chocolate bar.

You can also purchase individual chocolate bars, t-shirts, the Shelter Dog coffee table book and gift certificates from Rescue Chocolates.

Dobrze, these are my Top 5 Ulubione. What are your favorite gifts that help animal sanctuaries and organizations? Please feel free to share your favorites with links in the comments section!

The “V” Słowo: Powiedz to. Jedz. Żyć.

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7 Odpowiedzi na Mój 5 Ulubione Pomysły na prezenty, które pomogą Sanktuaria i organizacje zwierząt

  1. professorea Październik 10, 2013 w 7:47 w #

    This is a great resource. Honestly love love love the Peanut Butter Pit Bull chocolate bars! I wish there were more ways to get children involved in these types of efforts! Start them young!

    My kids and I are super animal and wildlife lovers and we found this site useful LearningMadeFun.net. They were recently running a promotion on a children’s magazine about animals.

    • Rhea Październik 10, 2013 w 2:21 pm #

      Thank you Professor. Zgadzam się, start kids young in the art of giving.

  2. Treesa Grudzień 8, 2011 w 7:17 w #

    Love this post!

  3. Brian Grudzień 7, 2011 w 8:49 w #

    I really like the idea of ‘rescue’chocolates, I may have to buy some of those and send them to family members so they too are getting a look at some of the things they can do. Thank you Rhea 🙂

  4. Rhea Parsons Grudzień 5, 2011 w 4:02 w #

    Thank you veganelder and Robin, there are so many worthy causes, I could have listed hundreds but I narrowed it down to my favorites.

    Your kind words are gifts to me.

  5. Robin at Vegan Planet Grudzień 5, 2011 w 1:34 w #

    Great post and a great list. All terrific causes and gift ideas.

  6. Vega seniorów Grudzień 4, 2011 w 10:03 pm #

    Superlative…you’ve done a masterful job of putting together a great listing of ideas. Dziękuję bardzo.

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