Menú Superbowl Party – Ir Gigantes!!

Ir Gigantes!! Los Gigantes de Nueva York están en el Superbowl! Woo Hoo! Los Gigantes de Nueva York van a ir en contra de los New England Patriots en la Superbowl XLVI en febrero 5, 2012 en Indianápolis.

Hay un montón de rumores en torno al juego. Some of the excitement is about how the Giants upset the Patriots perfect season in Superbowl XLII and now this game is being seen as a rematch. Some of the talk is about how the Superbowl is going green this year (leer aquí). But most of the talk is about my Superbowl Party Menu because it’s incredible!! Tons of appetitzers and fingers foods, pizzas, héroes, decadent dishes and indulgent desserts galore!

“Hey Brady, did you hear about the spread that Rhea’s planned for the game?”

“Get off! I get the last Jalapeno Popper. Back off, Hombre!”
“It’s ok, Manning. You know everything Rhea makes for us is good for our hearts. She’s a doll!”
“Gotta get me some Chocolate Mousse with Vegan Whipped Cream. Watch out!”
Whatever you decide to serve, it’s going to be a great game (because the Giants are gonna win). And whoever wins (Giants), it’s going to be great eats!! On February 5th, la “V” word stands for VICTORY!!!
“And the winner for Best Superbowl Party Menu goes to Rhea and The “V” Palabra!”
Seriamente, no matter who wins, have a great time with your family and friends and enjoy!
“¡Uf! I’m starved from winning this Superbowl. Let’s go eat!”
La “V” Palabra: Dígalo. Cómetelo. Live it.
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5 Las respuestas a Menú Superbowl Party – Ir Gigantes!!

  1. Trista Febrero 6, 2012 en 1:26 en #

    I wish I had one of each right now! This is the best Superbowl menu, pero…goooooo Pats!

  2. Rhea Parsons Enero 29, 2012 en 1:56 en #

    Glad you all like it. Ir Gigantes!!!

  3. Currículum Enero 27, 2012 en 2:21 pm #

    The mozz sticks are on my Super Bowl Day menu, along with chickpea burgers. And I will be rooting for the Giants, desde NE bajó mis caballos salvajes fuera de la contienda 🙁

  4. MizzBzVegan Enero 25, 2012 en 10:13 en #

    Holy cow is an understatement, Ñandú! How about holy great whales, or something bigger that can live out its life because we’re all vegans! Love that your menu is cruelty free. Bon chance to Baby Boy Manning and the G-Men! With fans like you, no way they can lose!

  5. Toni Enero 25, 2012 en 9:39 en #

    Holy cow, are you really making all of that food for Super Bowl Sunday, Ñandú? How many people do you have coming over? Preparing that menu would keep a small catering company busy for days!!

    Seriamente, some of these dishes look great, and I can’t wait to try them out!! Good job! And I hope your Giants win for you. 🙂

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