Le «V" Top Messages mot de 2011

Une des traditions de la Saint-Sylvestre est le compte à rebours pour le Nouvel An, la balle tomber, baisers et des confettis. Voici donc un compte à rebours de la “V” Les messages les plus populaires de mots de 2011.

10. Mexicaine brunch du dimanche – un délicieux festin de mexicaine Tofu Scramble, De style espagnol de pommes de terre, Pico de Gallo and Red Guacamole. Delicioso!

9. Végétalien sans gluten, Crèmes fouettées sans soja et mousse au chocolat – it’s no surprise this very recent post is already popular and will probably gain popularity in the future…unless everyone keeps their New Year’s resolution to cut back on sweets.

8. Pois chiche “Thon” Salade – this salad brings back the familiar flavor of tuna without the cruelty. Someone told me that this salad was all their relative needed to stop eating tuna forever!

7. Ma 5 Favorite Gift Ideas that Help Sanctuaries and Animal Rescues – great gift ideas for all year round where you get to give twice – to the gift recipient and to the animals.

6. VeganMoFo: Le “V” Parole et l'ABC de l'alimentation végétalienne – this October was my first VeganMoFo and it was a blast. Le “V” Word celebrated a month of vegan food with the other 25 letters of the alphabet with 25 essais, reviews and recipes.

5. Burgers de pois chiches avec sauce tzatziki – I love this recipe. I love chickpeas. I love that this post made the top 5.

4. jalapeno poppers Revisited – this was my “J” entry for VeganMoFo. A healthier baked version of my popular poppers. I’m making these tomorrow!

3. Jalapeno Poppers – my original fried poppers recipe. At one point, this was my most popular blog post and most popular recipe. It was featured on Vegan.com et VeganEtsy.

2. Yam Yam Banana Mash et Gâteaux – this is another VeganMoFo entry that is recent but shot up the charts, especially during the holidays. I’ll be curious to see if the yams keep their position once the holidays are over or whether the poppers will reclaim their position. Pour le moment, this is my most popular recipe!

1. Breaking Up avec Richard Gere – I really can’t explain this phenomenon. A funny post that I wrote about a dream I had has become my most popular post OF ALL TIME. Not my recipes, not my posts about my Vegan Journey, not my lessons learned from being vegan, not my essays about weight loss. Nope, Le “V” Word’s most popular post of 2011 and of all time since the blog started isBreaking Up with Richard Gere.I wonder if Richard’s read it yet?

Looking forward to writing more recipes, reviews and essays in 2012 and having you with me as my Vegan journey continues.

Wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Compassionate New Year!!

Le “V” Parole: Dites-le. Mangez-le. Vivre.
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4 Les réponses à Le «V" Top Messages mot de 2011

  1. Lola Janvier 22, 2012 à 4:26 sur #

    I am new to your blog, and just wanted to drop a quick message- what an inspiration you are! I am looking foward to making soo many of your recipes, letting others know about your blog, and sending you love, aussi. Bonne année!

  2. Lola Janvier 22, 2012 à 4:24 sur #

    Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

  3. Rhea Parsons Janvier 2, 2012 à 6:11 sur #

    Bonne année, Bienheureux Mama. Oh, I love men in tuxes. So handsome. Et oui, that picture, that scene in the movie is heaven 🙂

    Rutger Haueris he the guy from The Hitchhiker?

  4. blessedmama Janvier 2, 2012 à 6:05 sur #

    I love your top ten of 2011. I can totally see why the dream of Richard Gere is your top post. Tout d'abord, you picked the perfect first picture of him. Oh, ouais, that’s going to be a draw right away. Puis, it’s such a unique post on a vegan site. Et, au fait, I just clicked on it too, and I agree, a vegan girl can dream! Hmm, I wonder if my perfect photo of Rutger Hauer would do the trick? 🙂

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