3 年間ビーガン: 何が本当に重要?

今日は私のです 3 ビーガンになること周年. それはされてい 1095 私はすべての動物性食品を摂取しているため日 1312 私は動物の肉を食べることをあきらめたため、日. たぶん, 私は上の保存されている 300 動物が、私が食べるために使用する方法は与えられた, その数は簡単に倍増するかもしれない. 私が失っている 116 ポンド. and gotten off a dozen medications. その間, I have gained 1,299 Facebook friends and 885 followers of The “V” Word’s Facebook page. 今まで, 私は書いた 162 blog posts and "V"のWord is fast on its way to 100,000 hits. Currently, I am working on my 1st cookbook.

Obviously I have a thing for numbers but these numbers I’ve listed are all about me. And veganism is NOT about me; it’s about the animals. It seems strange but sometimes in this fight, in this mission that is FOR the animals and THEIR lives, our own lives, my life can take center stage. The waters of altruism can get muddled with ego, pride, personal interests, judgment, anger, frustration and all sorts of human foibles.

I can go on and on about what being vegan has done for me and how it has improved my life. Of course I’m happy that my health has improved but personally, I know that I could never be vegan for my health alone. Like every other diet I’ve ever been on, I know I would cheat when the cravings would strike. But I’ve never “cheated” on veganism because it’s NOT about me. It’s about the animals and there is NO craving in this world that could EVER make me think it’s acceptable for an animal to be exploited, suffer or die.

Learning to cook and sharing recipes has been wonderful. There are so many foods I’ve come to love and the idea of writing a cookbook is exciting. But that’s not where my motivation lies either. はい, I love food and I would even say (I have said) that I have a food addiction and often use food for emotional comfort/sabotage. But when I was in the hospital and they didn’t know how to feed me vegan food, I got by on lettuce and chickpeas for days. When I’ve been at events with no vegan options, I’ve eaten pickles or simply waited until I got home to eat. Because it’s NOT about me and my hunger; it’s about the animals.

I love that I’ve met so many wonderful people – activists, 友人, authors, chefs – those who share my love for veganism but they are another bonus. I’m not vegan so I can make friends, gather fans or be part of some exclusive club. それだ NOT about my social life; it’s about the animals.

はい, I have a thing for numbers. But the numbers that really matter are not the ones I listed at the beginning of this essay. The numbers that do matter are NOT about me, they are about the animals.


による ADAPTT, this is “the number of animals killed worldwide by the meat, 卵, and dairy industries. These numbers do NOT include the many MILLIONS of animals killed each year in vivisection laboratories. They do NOT include the MILLIONS of dogs and cats killed in animal shelters every year. They do NOT include the animals who died while held captive in the animal-slavery enterprises of circuses, rodeos, zoos, and marine parks. They do NOT include the animals killed while pressed into such blood sports as bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting, and bear-baiting, nor do they include horses and greyhounds who were exterminated after they were no longer deemed suitable for racing.”

This data is based on worldwide animal slaughter statistics culled from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for the year 2003. It is now likely that in many of the categories noted, the current kill rates in 2012 are as much as 10% higher than what is indicated here.

Of the more than 200 countries researched, the top three—the United States, 中国, and Brazil—consume a staggering 46% of these animals as food. The United States alone consumes roughly 20% of all animals slaughtered for food even though it contains less than 5% of the world’s population.

An estimated 90 BILLION marine animals are killed worldwide each year. Too many people don’t believe that fish and other marine animals can feel pain. Maybe it’s because they can’t scream although their struggle to live is obvious.

毎年オーバー 40 ミリオン 動物は犬や猫など、彼らの毛皮のために殺されます. MILLIONS 革のためのより多くのダイ, ウール, ダウン, 絹や衣料品の他のアイテム, アクセサリーや家具.

これらは本当に問題数であります. そして、重要な別の数であります 1. 何百万と数十億の面で話すとき, それを忘れて簡単にすることができます 動物は恐怖を感じている個々のされています, pain, 損失, 恐怖と人 でした 幸せを感じます, 快適さ, 所属, 安全性と愛彼または彼女の人生を生きるチャンスが与えられた場合. 動物があり、彼または彼女 1 生活, 1 その人生でチャンス, 同じように 私たちの私たちが持っています 1 生活. その人生は、単にいくつかの食品の咬傷や靴のペアのために割引することができますどのように?

だから、ビーガンであることの私の3年目の記念日に, 私は、私や私のお祝いしたくない「の成果を。」私は振り返ると私のために何をしたかビーガニズムお聞きしたくありません. 私は動物を祝うためにしたいです, 思いやり, 私はビーガニズムのためにやっている愛と生命と尋ねます, 私は動物のためにやっていること, そして、私はより多くの何を行うことができます? Because it’s NOT about me. それは、動物についてです.

ザ “V” 言葉: それを言う. それを食べる. それを生きる.

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16 への対応 3 年間ビーガン: 何が本当に重要?

  1. ビーガンを行っている 5月 30, 2012 に 1:18 午後 #

    私は、私は非常に遅れてる知っています, しかし、ただ、これは素晴らしいポストであることを言いたかったです! 私自身は、数ベースのいずれかを実行することで、しばらく前に考えていました, 私はあなたが私のために仕事をしたと思います. 😉

    p.s. 私はそれらを読むことができる前に私は2つの証明-you're-ない-ロボットワードを変更するには、ほぼ20時間があったので、私の視力は行くしなければなりません…

  2. レアパーソンズ 3月 5, 2012 に 5:05 上の #

    Thank you everyone for the comments. Congrats on all the veganniversaries!

  3. Elfie33 3月 3, 2012 に 11:16 午後 #

    WOW!! What a fantastic post! So beautifully written, yet packed with very useful facts and figures. It is very hard to write a piece that can be read and enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. It is very non-threatening…just very, very interesting and readable.
    I have been vegan for the same length of time as you, 10 yrs vegetarian before that. あなたのような, I really do wish I had made the connection when I was a lot younger. 20

  4. ~ae 2月 28, 2012 に 11:05 上の #

    Being numerically dyslexical, 自分, my eyes glazed over at all those figures. よく, except the ONE, 私はそれを愛する: we are individually empowered by making the commitment to being vegan!
    I celebrated three years vegan on Feb 14, 2012, as Vegantime’s Day. 😉それは*多少*任意の日付です, しかし、私はそれ以来、私は故意に任意の動物由来の食品を消費したことがないことを確信しています, そしてまた、それ以来、私は私の革を寄付しています, ダウンとシルクのアイテム.
    私もブログを持っています http://worldpeacedietdog.blogspot.com/
    私のビーガン犬の仲間について. 私はまだリソースのページに取り組んでいます–ドッグフードと人間の食べ物について. あなたは立ち寄りや提案をするために気にした場合, 私はそれを本当に感謝します.

  5. ベガ先輩 2月 28, 2012 に 1:19 上の #

    それは犠牲者についてです, はい!

  6. リベカ 2月 26, 2012 に 11:21 上の #

    Congratulations! 私の6月ビーガン周年私が来ます, 私は祝いまで、私は待つことができません 3 年間ビーガンすぎ. 私はあなたのブログを愛し、あなたは偉大なインスピレーションされています!

  7. メラニー 2月 26, 2012 に 8:13 上の #

    ファンタスティックポストレア. あなたは、このような素晴らしい人です. あなたを知ってとてもラッキー!

  8. レアパーソンズ 2月 26, 2012 に 4:24 上の #

    Thank you all so much for your comments and kind words. Being vegan is the BEST thing I’ve ever done and I am proud.

    私, あまりに, wish I had figured this out in my teens or 20’s or even 30’s but better late than never!!

  9. アマンダ 2月 26, 2012 に 2:46 上の #

    偉大なポスト. Congratulations on 3 years of making a difference in the lives of so many!

  10. Joy Benson 2月 25, 2012 に 3:16 午後 #

    You are an inspiration to us all Rhea, and I’m honored to call you my friend.

  11. Mary Anderson Griffin 2月 25, 2012 に 4:03 上の #

    Congratulations! 私はビーガンではないです, but I am trying to eat a more plant based diet and my sweet daughter in law is a vegetarian, mostly vegan. Your blog has been wonderful. I have even served some of your dishes to my VERY firmly carnivore husband to rave reviews. 感謝, Mary Anderson

  12. アンドリア - Butterflyist 2月 24, 2012 に 6:58 午後 #

    Congratulations on celebrating the 3rd anniversary of your vegan journey! Such an inspirational post to read, esp hearing about what you were fed in hospital & how you did it because it’s not about you. I so wish that I had gone vegan sooner, rather than mid-life. Only just over a month for me but hey, the important thing is that I have done it & 今も他の人を教育しています🙂

  13. menachofamily 2月 24, 2012 に 3:11 午後 #

    このことを愛する, great post Rhea!!

  14. レベッカ 2月 24, 2012 に 2:34 午後 #

    Happy Veganniversary! I just had my 2nd and couldn’t be happier about it. Another number that matters is ONE. We are each one, each of us who choose their lives over our tastebuds, but together our numbers ARE growing, and we ARE making progress. Thank you for what you do.

  15. BEAエリオット 2月 24, 2012 に 11:22 上の #

    Wonderful! That’s exactly it! 3 years or 3 billion… It’s the animals that count!

  16. Debra 2月 24, 2012 に 6:27 上の #

    Fabulous! 偉大なポスト. You hit the nail on the head.

    For the animals,

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