טופו Francaise עם ינגוויני

כשגרתי בברונקס, there was a great but strange Chinese take-out place. Great because they made some really delicious food; strange because the food they made so delicious was Italian while their Chinese food…טוב…not so much. And I lived in a very Italian neighborhood so there were a lot of authentic places to choose from but I liked ordering from this restaurant.

Now that I think back, one of my favorite Mexican chain restaurants in the neighborhood was owned and run by Chinese cooks and so was this other place that made delicious Chinese food but also made incredible Spanish food. I could order General Tso’s with a side of plantains, Sesame Noodles with Spanish Rice. I guess this just shows some of the great diversity that exists in my beloved Bronx home.

בכל מקרה, one of my favorite dishes that I would order from the Chinese restaurant with the Italian name (sadly, they are no longer there) was Chicken Francaise. And that’s another strange thing because I used to really hate lemon. I couldn’t stand lemon in anything: מים, soda, tea, מזון, וכו '. The only way I liked lemon flavor was in lollipops. But I loved this dish which is basically fried chicken cutlets dipped in an egg batter and cooked in a white wine lemon sauce.

Today I like lemon which is why I have a rule that I’m not allowed to say I “hate” any food unless I’ve tried it many times in many different forms. I love the taste of lemon in salad, in my טופו מוקפץ ביין לבן and still, in lollipops.

So I decided to recreate another of my old favorite dishes in a healthier, more compassionate way. The tofu (not chicken) is battered without eggs but it looks and almost tastes like it is. The sauce is a bright combination of lemon and white wine. It tastes delicious served over linguine or rice. (If you choose to make it without pasta or rice, cut the amount of white wine and broth in half to make less sauce).

My Tofu Francaise with Linguine makes a perfect dish to serve at a family gathering or any special dinner. ואם כמוני, you miss the Bronx, you can eat it with chopsticks.

טופו Francaise עם ינגוויני



1 lb. gluten-free linguine

1 לחסום טופו, לחץ ומנוקז
1/3 כוס קמח חומוס
2 כפית. אבקה שום
2 כפית. פטרוזיליה מיובשת
½ כפית. מלח
¼ כפית. פלפל שחור גרוס
½ כוס חלב שקדים
2 כפות. arrowroot
2 כפות. זרעי פשתן טחונים
1 כפות. שמרים תזונתיים
2 כפית. grated vegan parmesan
½ כפית. כורכום
2 כפות. שמן חריע
1/2 כוס יין לבן
1 מרק ירקות דל נתרן כוס
2 כפות. חמאה טבעונית
גרידה ומיץ של 1 לימון
רבע כוס פטרוזיליה טרייה, קצוץ
2 כפות. צלפים
פרוסות לימון, for garnish (אופציונלי)

מביא סיר גדול של מים מומלחים לרתיחה. Cook the linguine according to the package directions. מסננים ומניחים בצד.
חותכים את הטופו ל 8 פרוסות. על צלחת רדודה, לערבב את הקמח, dried spices, salt and black pepper. בקערה, mix the almond milk, arrowroot, זרעי פשתן טחונים, שמרים תזונתיים, grated parmesan and turmeric until you have a thick batter.
מחממים תנור ל 200 מעלות. במחבת גדולה, מחמם את השמן על אש בינונית. Dredge the tofu in the flour, shake off the excess and then coat in the batter. Pan-fry the tofu until both sides are browned and crisp, על 4 דקות לכל צד. You may have to do this in batches. Transfer the tofu to a platter and keep warm in the oven.
באותה המחבת, add the white wine (do this with the pan off the heat) and let cook until most of the wine has evaporated, על 3 פרוטוקול. Add the broth and cook until it reduces to half. Mix the vegan butter into the sauce. Add the lemon zest and juice, parsley and capers. Stir and remove from the heat.
Place the tofu over a bed of linguine. Pour the sauce over the tofu slices. Serve immediately with extra lemon slices for garnish. פרוסות לימון, for garnish (אופציונלי). תהנה!
The “V” מלה: תגיד את זה. תאכל את זה. לחיות את זה.

(ביקר 1,973 פי, 1 ביקורים היום)

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8 תגובות ל טופו Francaise עם ינגוויני

  1. Cindy מרץ 28, 2014 ב 6:24 בערב #

    I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t cook with tofu, but what kind of tofu are you using? Firm, silken etc…

    • ריאה מרץ 29, 2014 ב 11:33 על #

      Hi Cindy, it’s not crazy. It took me over a year to like tofu and learn how to cook it properly. I always use extra-firm tofu for everything I make. My favorite brands are Woodstock Foods, Trader Joe’s and Nasoya. I get the firmest so I can do the most with it and not have it break.

      It’s important to press the water out of the tofu. You can use paper towels, plates and heavy cans or you can buy a tofu press like Tofu Xpress. I love that gadget. You can also freeze tofu and then press it after thawing it. That makes it even firmer. The only recipes I don’t press tofu for are tofu scrambles because I like them a little moist.

      I never buy silken tofu but if I did it would be to make dressings, dips, וכו '. Some people like it for scrambles but I’m extra-firm all the way.

      My tricks for cooking tofu:

      Season it. I don’t always marinate it because I never plan dinner in advance but if I’m frying it up, I do cover it lightly in some seasoned flour: my fave seasonings are salt, פלפל, אבקה שום, oregano and paprika but of course, it depends on what you’re making.

      לבשל אותו! So many dishes have the tofu almost raw. It looks raw, it tastes raw. איכס! If I am making cutlets like for the Francaise or cubes for a Chinese dish, I cook it until it’s kind of crispy. Especially if you are going to pour a hot sauce over it which will soften it up again. When you fry it like this, זה טעים.

      But if you have time, marinate it. When I make Tofu Scallops, I cut circles of tofu with a biscuit cutter, slice an “X” into each disc so the flavor can get in there, and then marinate it for at least half an hour but more is better. Then dab it dry before you try to cook it (if you’re frying it).

      Practice makes perfect so don’t give up if you’re not thrilled the first time. This recipe is one of my favorites. בהצלחה!!

  2. Eibhlin מרץ 30, 2013 ב 7:15 על #

    wow that looks really delicious! i recently convinced my boyfriend to try smoked tofu and he liked it (in spite of all protests to the contrary) so this is on the cards next. thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes!

  3. ChrisMCS מרץ 29, 2013 ב 10:54 על #

    תודה, ריאה!

  4. ריאה פרסונס מרץ 29, 2013 ב 1:22 על #

    I don’t usually state servings since it depends how much you eat. Tom and I can eat the whole block of tofu. Or if you eat more “נורמלי” portions, it could feed 3 או 4.

  5. ChrisMCS מרץ 28, 2013 ב 11:19 בערב #

    נשמע טעים. I’m planning to make this for a client I cook for. Can you tell me how many it serves? תודה!

  6. קורות חיים אפריל 24, 2012 ב 5:43 על #

    I realy love light sauces that use lemon. זה נראה כל כך טוב, and another great way to use tofu.

  7. בארב @ ThatWasVegan אפריל 24, 2012 ב 1:24 על #

    That looks delicious, and I’ve been craving tofu lately- I’ll have to give this recipe a try!

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