Hug in una tazza di zuppa di pomodoro

Il tempo è stato abbastanza irregolare qui. Un giorno fa freddo, Il giorno successivo è caldo e soleggiato, Il giorno successivo è pioggia battente. Ieri sera il vento soffiava abbastanza difficile che abbiamo dovuto prendere il vento carillon basso in modo da non volare via e rottura. We even had some snow last night.

You can hear the tourists complaining: “Why did you pick this place? It’s freezing and you expect me to walk around? Let’s go to the mall.” Everyone’s got their scarves, hats and ear muffs on but I’ve got my apron on. Bene….my figurative apron. I don’t really wear an apron. Comunque, to me it’s time to always have soup cooking or in the fridge waiting to be warmed up so it can warm me up.

Quando ero un ragazzino, my mother made the most delicious tomato soup. She would only make it at the very end of the summer when the season for fresh plum tomatoes was over and she could buy them by the bushel very inexpensively. Then she would make 2 lotti: one for me and one with sugar in it for everyone else. Sì, even then I didn’t like sugar.

My soup is similar to my mother’s soup except I use canned tomatoes during winter months. It has onion, celery and carrots in it. The carrots are the only sweet thing going into my soup; they cut the acidity of the tomatoes. Plus lots of garlic because it’s me and I love garlic in everything! I like my soup chunky. I like to see and taste the vegetables so I don’t blend it or puree it. And I’m a purist so no cream is going into my soup either. But when you make your soup, do what makes you happy. I’ll never know.

My Hug in a Mug Tomato Soup is so hearty and delicious with robust flavor from the tomatoes and the herbs. Serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich and you have the perfect, classic comfort meal.

It’s so comforting to have on a cold day. Just holding a hot mug of it in my hands makes me feel warm and cozy. Like a hug in a mug. Of course it’s delicious in a bowl too. Godere!

Hug in una tazza di zuppa di pomodoro

1 Tbs. olio vegetale

1 cipolla grande, chopped

3 gambi di sedano, chopped

2 carote, chopped

4 spicchi d'aglio, tritato

1-28 oz. pomodori possono schiacciati

1-15 oz. può sparare-arrosto pomodori a cubetti

1 cucchiaino. Sale kosher

½ cucchiaino. pepe nero macinato

1 cucchiaino. basilico essiccato

1 cucchiaino. origano secco

1 foglia di alloro

1 quart basso contenuto di sodio brodo vegetale

2 tazze d'acqua

Heat the oil in a Dutch oven or large pot over medium-high heat. Aggiungere la cipolla e cuocere per 3 minutes until it starts to soften. You just want to sweat the onion, not brown it. Add the celery and carrots and let cook for 4 minuti fino a quando iniziano ad ammorbidirsi. Add the garlic and stir it into the vegetables.

Add the tomatoes to the pot and stir in the spices. Add the broth and water to the pot. Stir and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat to low, cover the pot and let the soup simmer for at least 30 minuti. Remove the bay leaf. Serve while hot with your favorite sandwich.
Gli “V” Parola: Ditelo. Mangia. Live it.
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