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Remember when you were a kid, how fun it was to get mail? It always meant something good – a letter from a friend at camp or a present from Grandma. As you got older, mail got a lot less fun – bills, advertisements, bills, junk, bills. Nun, now the mail can be fun again. Imagine if every month a package came straight to your door with the latest vegan products in food and snacks or beauty care?

Vegan Cuts offers subscriptions to their Snack Box and Beauty Box – a monthly subscription that delivers vegan goodies right to your door. Das ist richtig, you don’t have to go on Facebook and see the pictures other people post of new vegan products and comment, “When did that come out? How can I get some?” Now you can do the posting when you receive a box that includes 7-10 vegan snack products or 4-7 vegan beauty care products you (and lots of your friends) probably haven’t tried before.

Maybe you live in the middle of nowhere and vegan products are hard to find? No problem because these vegan treats are coming to you!


Everything in the boxes is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. No animal products of any kind including honey, carmine and beeswax. Über 80% of the items are gluten-free too! And no palm oil! Products range from snacks to new entrée food items. If you like what you see in the Vegan Cuts marketplace, you’ll love what you’ll get in the box.


I got a Vegan Cuts Snack Box and it was packed with items I had never tried and most I hadn’t even heard of before – Home Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal, Kiwa Vegetable Chip Mix, Fleischlose Wählen fishless Thunfisch, Sunology Natural Sunscreen and more!

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Subscriptions are only $19.95 per month but you get way more than 20 bucks worth of stuff! Check out Vegan Cuts on the web and on Facebook for more information. You can have the latest and greatest vegan products delivered straight to you whether it’s from the marketplace or through one of their subscription boxes. Getting the mail can be fun again when you discover the best vegan products with Vegan Cuts.

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