La Spring Fling Dairy-Free Ricetta Concorso Voci


When I saw that there was a So Delicious and Go Dairy-Free Spring Fling Dairy-Free Recipe Contest, Sapevo che volevo entrare. Dopo tutto, Così Delicious is one of my very favorite companies EVER! Così ho guardato attraverso le mie ricette – quelli che ho postato e quelle non ancora condiviso – to find the ones that most said “spring” a me.

I had a lot of recipes to go through since I use Così Delicious products all the time. Infine, I chose my favorites. Let me share them with you here:

Entry #1: Pasta in Lemon Coconut Cream Sauce


My Pasta in Lemon Coconut Cream Sauce is a dish that says “spring” a me. It’s light, it’s lemony and it’s perfect for a spring dinner, brunch or brunch, indoors or out. The lemon coconut cream sauce is like an Alfredo sauce but so much easier to make and so much lighter. E 'spessa, cremoso, formaggio e così decadente.

It’s a versatile dish too. I’ve made with brown rice spaghetti and I’ve made it with brown rice penne. I’ve topped the pasta with my Tofu Capesante and other times with my Tempeh Polpette.


Sometimes I make it with just vegetables. In this picture, I tossed the pasta with kale, mushrooms and bell peppers.



What makes this dish so amazing? It’s the Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk – only my favorite product from my favorite company. So D Culinary Milk gives you all the rich, delicious flavor and thickness of coconut milk without all the inconvenience and mess of the cans. Since I’ve discovered So Delicious Coconut Culinary Milk, I’ve been cooking with coconut milk a lot more. You can read my review of So D Culinary Milk here. Here’s the recipe for this dish:

1 lb. Spaghetti senza glutine

Sale kosher

4 Tbs. burro vegan

1 tazza Così Delicious Culinary Latte di Cocco

La scorza e il succo di un limone fresco

1/4 tazza vegan parmigiano grattugiato più altre per guarnire

Pepe nero

Foglie di basilico fresco

12-16 Tofu Capesante

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Aggiungere una manciata di sale e gli spaghetti. Cuocere fino a poco meno di al dente. Riserva 1 tazza di acqua della pasta. Scolate gli spaghetti e mettere da parte.

Mentre gli spaghetti è la cottura, scaldare una padella larga padella o rosolate a fuoco medio. Sciogliere il burro in padella. Aggiungere il latte di cocco e il succo di limone. Mescolate e lasciate cuocere fino a quando tutto è riscaldato attraverso. Aggiungi 1/4 coppa del grattugiato vegan parmigiano e mescolare. Condire con sale qb.

Aggiungere gli spaghetti nella padella e mescolate per ricoprire con la salsa. Aggiungere ½ tazza di acqua di cottura riservato e mescolare. Continuare a cuocere fino a quando gli spaghetti e la salsa è calda. Se la salsa diventa troppo spessa, aggiungere il rimanente ½ tazza di acqua della pasta e mescolare. Spegnere il fuoco. Aggiungere il pepe nero scorza di limone e condire a piacere. Top con parmigiano grattugiato e foglie di basilico fresco. Servire in ciotole condita con 3-4 capesante tofu.



Entry #2: Jamaican riso e piselli


Another way I love to use Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk is to cook rice in it. Water is fine, broth is good but cooking rice in coconut milk is absolute heaven! It comes out so creamy and packed with flavor. And what’s better than Jamaican food for adding that amazing coconut flavor?

My Jamaican Rice and Peas is a perfect side dish to any spring meal. I like to serve it alongside my Jerk “Pollo” but it would be wonderful served with any entree or even as a meal itself. Here’s the recipe:

1 Tbs. olio di cocco
1 cipolla piccola, chopped
4 spicchi d'aglio, tritato
1 ½ tazze di riso integrale
1 cucchiaino. sale kosher
1 cucchiaino. zenzero fresco, grattugiato
1 tazza di acqua (or vegetable broth)
2 coppe Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk
1-15 oz. can fagioli rossi (or pigeon peas), sciacquati e scolati
2 cucchiaino. timo secco
2 foglie fresche di alloro
Lime juice

Scaldate l'olio in una casseruola media a fuoco medio-alto. Aggiungere la cipolla e cuocere per 4 minutes until softened and beginning to brown. Add the garlic and the rice and toss to coat the rice with oil. Mix in the salt and ginger. Aggiungere l'acqua (or vegetable broth) and the coconut milk. Mescolare bene.

Add the kidney beans (or pigeon peas) and thyme to the saucepan and stir everything together. Add the bay leaves and let the rice cook until the liquids begin to simmer. Then lower the heat and cover the saucepan.

Cuocere per 40 minuti o fino a quando il liquido è assorbito. Remove the pan from the heat and let sit for 10 più minuti. Scoprire, remove the bay leaves and fluff with a fork. Squeeze lime juice over top. Taste for seasonings and adjust if necessary.


Entry #3: Cavolfiore gratinato


Everyone loves potatoes made au gratin but that can be heavy. A lighter way to enjoy those same flavors and textures is to swap out the potatoes and use cauliflower instead. You still get that rich and creamy dish you always loved especially when you use Così Delicious anacardi Milk (my favorite of all their milks). And for that extra-special something that says spring, use purple and orange cauliflower for those bright colors! Here’s my recipe:

3 lbs. cavolfiore

2 Tbs. burro vegan

2 Tbs. farina di ceci

2 coppe Così Delicious anacardi Milk, warmed

½ cucchiaino. sale kosher

¼ cucchiaino. pepe nero

Un pizzico di noce moscata

½ cup vegan cheddar cheese, triturati

1/3 tazza senza glutine briciole di pane

2 Tbs. vegan parmigiano grattugiato

2 Tbs. olio extra vergine di oliva


Preriscaldare il forno a 400 gradi. Core the cauliflower and cut the head into large florets. Blanche the cauliflower in a pot of boiling water for just a few minutes. You want to be tender but still have crunch. Drain and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking.

In a medium-size saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat and whisk in the flour until well combined. Let it cook for a minute so you won’t taste the flour. Slowly add the warm milk, sbattere, until you have a smooth sauce. This is your béchamel sauce. Aggiungere il sale, pepe e noce moscata. Add the cheese and whisk until smooth. Turn off the heat and set aside.

Put a few ladles of the béchamel sauce in the bottom of an 8 x 8 teglia. Add the cauliflower to the baking dish and cover with the remaining cheese sauce.

In a small dish, combine the bread crumbs, parmesan and oil. Mix and sprinkle over the cauliflower. Cuocere in forno per 30 minutes or until the top begins to brown. Turn the oven on broiler for 2 minutes to really crisp up the top. Let sit for a few minutes to set before serving.



Entry #4: Thai Green Curry Eggplant with Basil

IMG_4675 - copia

I have come to love Thai food and it’s the perfect way to use my favorite coconut products from So Delicious. In this dish, eggplant is cooked in a rich, flavorful green curry filled with the warm spices of garlic and ginger and Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk. The large number of basil leaves makes it fresh, aromatic and definitely a Spring dish. Here’s the recipe:

1 Tbs. olio di canola

3 spicchi d'aglio, tritato

1 pollice zenzero fresco, tritati o 1 cucchiaino. ground ginger

Un pizzico di peperoncino

1 grande melanzana, cubetti

1 cipolla grande, tagliato a dadini

2 ½ Tbs. pasta di curry verde

1 tazza Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk

2 Tbs. aceto di riso integrale

3 Tbs. senza glutine tamari

2 Tbs. zucchero di canna

2 Tbs. succo di lime

20 foglie di basilico, chopped

Scaldate l'olio in una padella a fuoco medio. Aggiungere l'aglio, ginger and red pepper flakes. Let cook for a minute or two until fragrant. Add the eggplant cubes to the pan and toss to coat with the oil. Lasciate cuocere circa 7 minuti, until the eggplant is browned and softened. Add the onion and mix with the eggplant. Let cook another 4 minuti fino a quando ammorbidito.

Add the green curry paste and coconut milk to the skillet. Mix well until the paste is dissolved and all the vegetables are coated with the sauce. Add the brown rice vinegar and tamari to the pan. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the vegetables and mix to combine. Let cook until the sauce is hot. Spegnere il fuoco, add the lime juice and basil leaves and toss. Servire a caldo.


Entry #5: Freddo spaghetti di riso in una Spicy Thai salsa di arachidi


Another Thai dish that says Spring to me is my Cold Rice Noodles in a Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce. Because it’s served cold, it’s a wonderful recipe for warmer weather. Rice noodles are light and here they are covered in a creamy, spicy peanut sauce made extra delicious with (you guessed it) Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk. Served over cabbage, it’s a perfect appetizer of light entree. Here’s the recipe:

14 oz. Spaghetti di riso Thai o qualsiasi di spaghetti

1 tazza Così Delicious cocco Culinary Milk

½ cup gluten-free tamari

¼ cup water

2 Tbs. aceto di riso integrale

1-2 Tbs. Thai chile sauce, to taste

1 Tbs. arrowroot

¼ cup peanut butter

1 Tbs. zenzero fresco, chopped or 1 cucchiaino. ground ginger

Shredded cabbage, for garnish

¼ cup roasted peanuts, chopped, for garnish

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. When the water boils, remove the pot from the heat. Add the rice noodles to the pot. Stir with a spoon or tongs. Let the noodles cook in the water for 8 – 10 minutes until al dente. Drain and rinse with cold water. Transfer the noodles to a large bowl and set aside until ready to use.

In un robot da cucina o frullatore, unire il latte di cocco, tamari, acqua, aceto, salsa di chile, arrowroot, burro di arachidi e zenzero. Processo o amalgamare bene. Trasferire la salsa in un pentolino. Cuocere a fuoco medio. Portate la salsa a ebollizione e poi cuocere a fuoco lento fino a quando non si addensa un po '. Se la salsa è troppo densa, aggiungere più acqua.

Versare la salsa sulle tagliatelle fredde e mescolare fino a quando le tagliatelle sono completamente rivestite. Guarnire con cavolo e noccioline tritate prima di servire.


These are just 5 of the ways I indulge in the wonder that is Così Delicious Dairy-Free and I hope you try these recipes and have a beautiful, delizioso, dairy-free Spring. Wish me luck in the contest and Enjoy!


Gli “V” Parola: Ditelo. Mangia. Live it.


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