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When I first read about Hilary’s Eat Well and their products, I wanted to try them so badly. The kind people at Hilary’s sent me coupons but there was no place in my town that sold their products. About a year later, they sent me more coupons (mine had expired) and two of their salad dressings. I was so happy when the one little natural foods market in my town started carrying Hilary’s Eat Well products. I had waited a long time but it was so worth the wait.

Hilary’s Eat Well was founded by Hilary Brown, a woman who changed her diet to improve her health, and opened a restaurant. That’s where The World’s Best Veggie Burger, Hilary’s Eat Well’s original product made its debut.


Gli World’s Best Veggie Burger earns that title. It’s crispy and delicious, made with millet, quinoa, sweet potato, verdura, and other organic ingredients.

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Now Hilary’s Eat Well™ makes lots of delicious products that are convenient and amazing. All of their products are always senza glutine, senza latticini, corn-free, senza uova, senza soia, yeast-free, and nut-free!

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Loro hamburger come in four other amazing flavors: Adzuki Bean Burger, Hemp & Greens Burger, Root Veggie Burger and Black Rice Burger. They also make Original Veggie Bites which make a great appetizer.

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In addition to burgers, Hilary’s Eat Well makes 4 sapori di salad dressings: Balsamic Thyme Dressing with Eyebright, Apple Fennel Dressing with Dandelion Root, Ranch Chia Dressing with Omega 3s, and Creamy Remoulade Dressing with Dill Pickles.

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Let me show you my Hilary’s Eat Well experience that I waited over a year to have:

Primo, Ho provato il Root Veggie Burgers. You can see from the color alone that are filled with good stuff like beets, sweet potatoes and turnips. The millet helps make them crunchy and so delicious.

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I made a big salad with lettuce, spinaci, tomatoes and chickpeas. I cooked up the Root Veggie Burgers and put them on top of my salad like giant croutons. E 'stato incredibile.

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Prossimo, Ho avuto l' Black Rice Burgers. I put them atop a dish of sauteed onions, peperoni, broccoli and zucchini & carrot noodles with Spanish spices. Yum!

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The original World’s Best Veggie Burgers got the Italian treatment. I turned them into Veggie Burgers Parmigiana with homemade marinara sauce, Daiya Foods vegan mozzarella and Go Veggie Foods vegan parmigiano grattugiato. I served it with garlicky broccoli and zoodles on the side.

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One night I made a Spanish Tofu Power Bowl with chile powder and allspice spiced sweet potatoes, cumin-scented black beans, blackened green beans with garlic and lemon, Spanish cauliflower rice and crispy tofu all over a bed of fresh raw spinach.

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Per il condimento, I took Hilary’s Eat Well Ranch Chia Dressing and turned it into a spicy ranch dressing with Spanish herbs, spezie, lemon and hot sauce. Soooo good!

Just the other day I made a big salad to go with my Soy Curl Tortilla Soup.

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I used the Balsamic Thyme Dressing and gave it a Mexican twist with cumin, coriandolo, paprika and extra thyme. Che è buona!

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It may have taken me a year to be able to taste some of Hilary’s Eat Well products but now that I have, I know I can’t go that long without them again.

Controllare il loro sito web Per ulteriori informazioni,, where to purchase e ricette.

Grazie, Hilary’s Eat Well, for the incredible veggie burgers and salad dressings!

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Gli “V” Parola: Ditelo. Mangia. Live it.

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