New E-Cookbook: My Yiddishe Vegan + Where to Buy Any or All of Them

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I’ve been working on this e-book for over 2 years and it’s finally done. Every Chanukah and then every Rosh Hashanah, I’d plan to have this book done but things came up and life got busy. Yesterday when I sat down to write my articles for ワングリーンプラネット, their web site was down and it was like a sign that I should pay attention to my e-book.

“My Yiddishe Vegan” is a labor of love. It’s filled with recipes from my childhood, dishes my Mother made, dishes my father and grandfather loved, and dishes I refused to eat as a child but now think are delicious.

There are blintzes, knishes, マッツォボールのスープ, kasha varnishkes, holishkes, カラ, グルテンフリーカラ, vegan chopped liver, vegan Gefilte fish, rugelach, tempeh reuben sandwiches, Latkesの, 蒸し煮セイタンショートリブ, ポットロースト, フレンチトースト, hummus, charoset and so much more.


があります 50 recipes in “My Yiddishe Vegan,” 主にグルテンを含まない. All are approved by friends and family. Full-color photos are included for most of the recipes.

“My Yiddishe Vegan” joins my other e-cookbooks: ホリデー版, Party Food and Vegan Desserts.

Each e-book is $5 or you can get all 4 e-books for $15.

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To buy any or all of my e-books, visit the book section of Woodstock Reveries. There you can purchase any e-book or get the 4 e-book bundle for the price of 3. プラス, I’ll send you the Free Cookbook Preview with 15 vegan and gluten-free recipes if you don’t already have it.

Each e-book is a PDF file. When you receive your completed payment invoice, it will have links to download the e-books.

If the links don’t work or you don’t get an invoice, just email me at and I’ll email the files to you in separate emails with attachments ASAP.

(もちろん, if you order in the middle of the night, I will know the next morning).

You can also get the entire The “V” Word E-Book Bundle completely FREE with any $25 purchase at ちょうどあなたがそれらを受け取りたいというの支払い時にノートのセクションに書いて、私はあなたにそれらを送信します.

“My Yiddishe Vegan” means so much to me. It’s my past blended with my present and future to create a collection of family traditions made compassionate. Mazel Tov to me for finally finishing it. 楽しむ!

ザ “V” 言葉: それを言う. それを食べる. それを生きる.

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  1. bethproverbs31 1月 1, 2016 に 11:48 午後 #

    H再びレア….Kindleのリーダーにダウンロードした書籍を取得する方法があった場合、私は思っていました? 友人はKindleのデバイスを持っています, しかし、我々は、ダウンロードはそれで仕事をしたりしませんかどうかわかりませんでした. そして、私はゲフィルテ・フィッシュであなたの面白いテイクを愛し! 😀

    • rheaparsons 1月 2, 2016 に 12:19 上の #

      はい, できる. 電子メールの添付ファイルを開いているとき, それはkndleにアップロードすることができます, iBooksの, アドビリーダー, など.

  2. bethproverbs31 1月 1, 2016 に 12:31 午後 #

    私は、電子書籍を注文し、あなたが起こる述べたように、まだそれをダウンロードするためのリンク付きメールをもらっていません, そしてそれは私の配送先住所を尋ねたことがありません, nothing!!!

    • bethproverbs31 1月 1, 2016 に 12:44 午後 #

      [OK]を, the attachment just came through…it just took a while I guess. Sorry for the mix up!

      • レア 1月 1, 2016 に 12:47 午後 #

        それは大丈夫! Enjoy the book! XOXO

    • レア 1月 1, 2016 に 12:46 午後 #

      You placed your order at 12:25 PM. I just emailed it to you. それだけだ 12:43 午後. It isn’t an automatic process. It gets emailed personally by me as soon as I see an order has been placed.
      Enjoy it and Happy New Year.

  3. LOZ 12月 19, 2015 に 3:36 上の #

    Can I get these books I am in the UK. I tried but it is asking for my address and only gives US options for entering address!!!!

    • レア 12月 19, 2015 に 10:26 上の #

      こんにちはLOZ, はい, you can get the e-books. Your address doesn’t matter because they are e-books and PDF files get sent to your email (you need to be able to accept 4 large files). Is it a problem with checking out that it won’t let you put your address in?

      • レア 12月 19, 2015 に 10:43 上の #

        LOZ, 私はそれを修正. You can put in your country now.

  4. Kandy Kappler 11月 23, 2015 に 12:00 午後 #

    I have tried to order these e-books through Paypal and have gotten a confirmation that payment went to an andrew cort? It also takes me to a webpage that is not a working website. I am concerned I have been compromised in trying to order these. Hoping you can help asap.

    • レア 11月 23, 2015 に 12:41 午後 #

      Hi Kandy, That’s correct, it goes to Andrew. I don’t know what the non-working web page is . That doesn’t happen when I try it. I clarified the post to avoid confusing anyone else. 感謝.

      • bethproverbs31 1月 1, 2016 に 12:47 午後 #

        I’m sorry Rhea, I assumed it was an automatic download. I apologize.

      • bethproverbs31 1月 1, 2016 に 12:49 午後 #

        ところで, I made the gluten-free seitain turkey roast for my first vegan ThanksLiving and it was a hit! 🙂ソーセージ、この週末セイタンGFを作るつもり!

        • レア 1月 1, 2016 に 1:04 午後 #

          I’m so glad it was a hit! わーい! XOXO

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