Produktbewertung: Fresh n’ Lean Meal Service

As people’s lives become busier and busier, meal delivery services are becoming more and more popular. Even if you love to cook, there’s something nice about having all the shopping, prepping and cooking done for you once in a while. After a long day, it can be a refreshing treat to just open the fridge and pop a meal into the microwave or oven.

Andererseits, you don’t want to trade healthy for convenience. That’s why Fresh n’ Lean may be a great choice for you. Fresh n’ Lean prepares and delivers organic, glutenfreie, frisch, and ready to eat meals directly to your door. Their goal is to make healthy eating simple and fun with plant-based dishes that are not only sustaining and delicious but also healthy.

Fresh n’ Lean offers affordable meal plans that are designed to help you eat well, lose weight or get fit. All of the meals are organic and gluten-free and there is a plant-based meal plan for those who eat compassionately as well. The meals come in Mediterranean, Continental, Asian and South American cuisine.

Meal delivery services can be expensive. Fresh n’ Lean’s standard food delivery plan come out to less than $10 per meal which is not bad if you consider the cost of organic ingredients, meal prep, packaging and shipping. There are various plans ranging from one to three meals per day or a la carte. Shipping is included in the cost of the meals which is a big savings considering these meals come shipped in specially designed coolers with ice packs. The meals come fresh, nicht gefroren, in flat trays so they can stack easily in the fridge or freezer.

Fresh n’ Lean uses local, seasonal produce. No preservatives and minimal oil. Don’t expect things like veggie burgers, pizza or enchiladas. This is the meal plan you want if you want to eat healthy whole-foods dishes made with just grains and produce. No heavy sauces, just the flavor of real food.

Fresh n’ Lean sent me some meals so I could try their plan for myself. The package came with several flat trays. Take a look at what I got from the Standard Plant-Based Menu (not all the menus are vegan).

Almond Curry Quinoa Crunch

Turmeric Broccoli Brown Rice


Heirloom Veggie Lentil Bowl

Tomato Basil Pepper Pasta

Brown Rice Teriyaki Delight

Each meal was the perfect portion and completely satisfying. The flavors were perfect with just the right amount of spices. Every meal tasted fresh, healthy and delicious. My favorites were the Teriyaki Delight, the pasta and the Turmeric Rice with Broccoli. Fresh n’ Lean schickte mir auch Müsli, aber “jemand” aß es, bevor ich ein Bild machen konnte. Ich habe gehört, es war aber gut 🙂

Fresh n’ Lean auch geschickt Dessert!


Coconut Mandelbutter Cups

Die Zimtschnecken waren uns am wenigsten gefallen. Sie schmeckten glutenfrei, nicht die größte Textur. Die Mandelbutter Tassen, obwohl, Ich konnte jene essen jeden Tag – so köstlich!

Wenn Sie sich für eine Mahlzeit Zustelldienst suchen, hat frisch, Bio gesunde Entscheidungen, Ich würde auf jeden Fall frisch n empfehlen’ Lean. Sehen Sie sich ihre Website und überzeugen Sie sich selbst.

Danke, Fresh n’ Lean, für die Vermietung versuche ich diese köstlichen Mahlzeiten. Ich will mehr Mandelbutter Tassen!!!!!!

Die “V” Wort: Sagen Sie es. Eat it. Live it.

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