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Végétalien Chorizo ​​Crunchwraps

La divulgation complète: Je ne l'ai jamais eu avant crunchwrap. Je ne me souviens pas la dernière fois que je suis allé à un Taco Bell ou un autre restaurant comme ce – pas une seule fois depuis que je suis végétalien et c'est 10 ans!! Mais tout le monde parle crunchwraps et j'aime la nourriture croquante donc je fait mon propre à la maison. Making crunchwraps […]

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Poulet végétalien cari jamaïcaine

L'une des choses que j'aime faire avec ce blog est de vérifier les statistiques pour voir quelles recettes les gens recherchent des. Récemment, les recettes les plus populaires ont été mes les jamaïcains. Voyant que m'a fait la Jamaïque envie d'aliments (Je suis facile) donc je devais faire un peu pour le dîner. Ce que j'avais envie était […]

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Soja Curl « crevettes » et Cheesy choux-fleurs Grits

Hé les gars! Désolé, il a été tellement longtemps que je l'ai posté quoi que ce soit. Mon blog a été piraté! All of a sudden, Je recevais des milliers et des milliers d'e-mails chinois sur mon compte TVW et l'hôte pris sur mon blog pour des raisons de sécurité! Il a fallu des mois et des mois pour l'obtenir la plupart du temps fixe (il y a […]

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Gluten-Free Vegan Spicy Eggplant Sausages

What do you do when you love vegan sausages but they don’t sell them in any markets near you or are just out of your budget? Even worse, what happens if you’re gluten-free? Eh bien, then you make your own at home. It’s really easy. I wanted to make a gluten-free version of my favorite sausages, […]

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The Best Vegan Chicken Burgers Ever!

One of my favorite fast-food things to eat in my pre-vegan era – I guess that would be like 2004 B.V. – was chicken burgers. I would go to Wendy’s and get their chicken sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Not surprising since my favorite food was chicken and fried chicken cutlets were a staple. […]

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Vegan “Poulet” Boulettes de viande

It’s been a busy summer and I’ve been neglecting writing up my recipes. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking or creating new recipes; I just haven’t been good about writing them up and posting them. Today that changes because I promised some people that I would get this recipe up. Boulettes de viande. Meatballs are sooo […]

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Vegan Chilaquiles

If you eat a gluten-free diet, finding snacks that are healthy and delicious is important. That’s why it’s so great that there are companies like Beanfields Snacks. Their line of bean and rice chips are gluten-free, vegan and sooo good! I’ve reviewed Beanfields Snacks several times. They won a Trudy Award for Best Snack Food […]

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Revue de produit: Sirabella’s Vegan Cheesecake!!!

Aujourd'hui, May 26th, is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day so it’s the perfect day to sing the praises of Sirabella’s Vegan Cheesecake. Grandir, my mother always made cheesecake with ricotta and cream cheese. Tout le monde l'aimait. I wasn’t a fan of cheesecake; it was too tangy for my not-yet-grown-up taste buds. Since I’ve been vegan […]

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Super Green Rice with Veggies, Soy Curls and Dr. Mercola’s Organic Greens

A while ago, I received some really cool products from Dr. Mercola to review. You’ve probably heard of Dr. Mercola; he is the health guru and best-selling author of many books on nutrition and health. His web site is packed with articles on health, nutrition and ways we can improve our lives and health. He also […]

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The Most Authentic Vegan Pasta Carbonara

Avant, j'étais vegan, I never tried pasta carbonara. I find that odd since it has four ingredients I loved: pâtes, oeuf, bacon and cheese. But somehow this dish fell under my radar. I know about it mostly from watching cooking shows on TV. It’s Rachael Ray’s husband’s favorite dish, the first dish she ever […]

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BBQ Pulled Carrots Sandwiches

Mmm…BBQ! When Tom and I were planning our elopement in North Carolina, we were more excited about eating authentic Southern barbecue than we were about getting married. Sérieusement. We watched endless barbecue cooking challenges and travel food shows on television. We read up about how to find the best, most authentic barbecue (they suggested restaurants […]

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Raw Beet and Sweet Potato Salad with Almonds and Orange Balsamic Dressing

This past Chanukah, Tom bought me a spiralizer. I’ve wanted one for a long time although I can make long veggie noodles with a julienne peeler. But it’s not the same, vous savez? So yesterday, I finally took it out of the box and after a few missteps, I got the hang of how to […]

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Garlicky Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread with Kale and Follow Your Heart Cheeses

Today is National Cheese Lovers Day. It’s funny, avant je étais végétalien, I was not a big cheese lover. I loved two cheeses – mozzarella et le parmesan râpé. C'est tout. Alors, quand je suis devenu végétalien, giving up cheeses wasn’t such a big deal for me except when I made Italian food. Plus, when I became […]

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Cape Malay Curry with Turmeric Cinnamon Rice

The other day I was doing research for an article on how to cook with African flavors. That’s one of the hot food trends this year and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the bold flavors of African cuisine and it’s so diverse from region to region, that I know there are a lot […]

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Revue de produit: Hana Tsunomata Seaweed + Recette & Giveaway!

MISE À JOUR: Jennifer from has been so generous and she says everyone who commented is a winner!! I will be emailing each person who commented for your mailing address. The contest is now closed. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a New Year and you know what that means – resolutions. It’s the time of year most people […]

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New E-Cookbook: My Yiddishe Vegan + Where to Buy Any or All of Them

I’ve been working on this e-book for over 2 years and it’s finally done. Every Chanukah and then every Rosh Hashanah, I’d plan to have this book done but things came up and life got busy. Yesterday when I sat down to write my articles for One Green Planet, their web site was down and […]

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Happy National Sandwich Day!

Today is National Sandwich Day! To celebrate, here’s a run-down on a bunch of my favorite sandwich recipes! Jouir de! Tom’s Grilled Cheese with Spinach and Tomato on Rye French Dip Sandwich with Jus and Onion Spread Mushroom Philly Cheesesteaks Chickpea “Thon” Salad Sandwich Tempeh Po’ Boy Double-Dipped Gardein Chick’n Sandwich Tempeh Reuben Jackfruit Philly Cheesesteak […]

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