La “V” Palabra está siempre dispuesto a ayudar a promover productos veganos, lugares, libros y organizaciones que interesaría a la comunidad vegana.

Hasta la fecha, He hecho esto para un gran número de empresas. You can see all my reviews at

Product Promotions, Comentarios y sorteos:

If you have a vegan product that you would like promoted, I can do reviews and/or giveaways on The “V” Word web site as well as all forms of social media.

Samples of the products to be reviewed need to be sent to The “V” Word so they can be tested.

Please note that if a company only sends coupons for free products, I may not be able to purchase them if they are not widely available. There is no Whole Foods or major supermarket chain near me. It is best to send the actual products.

Even after the review is published, La “V” Word will continue to periodically promote the products on social media.

If I have already done a review for you and you were satisfied, I would be happy to do another for any new products or products you wish to further promote.

Giveaways can be held on The “V” Word and the company must send the winning prizes directly to the winners.

Recipe Development:

Depending on the product, La “V” Word can create original recipes using the products to be reviewed. These recipes may be shared on the companies’ web sites and shared on their social media.

Other Opportunities:

Please email me at or fill out the contact form below:


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