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Vegan “Frango” Almôndegas

It’s been a busy summer and I’ve been neglecting writing up my recipes. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking or creating new recipes; I just haven’t been good about writing them up and posting them. Today that changes because I promised some people that I would get this recipe up. Almôndegas. Meatballs are sooo […]

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Vegan Chilaquiles

If you eat a gluten-free diet, finding snacks that are healthy and delicious is important. That’s why it’s so great that there are companies like Beanfields Snacks. Their line of bean and rice chips are gluten-free, vegan and sooo good! I’ve reviewed Beanfields Snacks several times. They won a Trudy Award for Best Snack Food […]

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Super Green Rice with Veggies, Soy Curls and Dr. Mercola’s Organic Greens

A while ago, I received some really cool products from Dr. Mercola to review. You’ve probably heard of Dr. Mercola; he is the health guru and best-selling author of many books on nutrition and health. His web site is packed with articles on health, nutrition and ways we can improve our lives and health. He also […]

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Pumpkin Rotini with Mushrooms and Punk Rawk Labs Smoked Cashew Cheese

A scientist, a record store owner and a nutritionist walk into a kitchen…sounds like the beginning of a joke but instead it’s actually the beginning of a great company called Punk Rawk Labs. Punk Rawk Labs is a woman-owned, Minnesota-based company formed in 2010. It was created when one of the founders, Alissa, had a […]

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Soy Curl Tortilla Soup

It’s fall. Verão! Fall is my favorite season. The leaves are already changing colors and floating to the ground. Every day Tom brings me in a beautiful leaf or two that he finds on his walks with Benny. It’s getting colder too and lately I’ve been craving soup. I’m loving the combination of tomatoes and […]

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Buffalo Soy Curls Mac & Cheese with Soy Curls Crumble

This recipe is my Ode to Soy Curls. Butler Soy Curls are one of my favorite products. I remember the first time someone told me about them – she warned me they were addicting. Bem, I have been hooked for years. Soy curls are one of the most versatile products out there. You can […]

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Vegan “Frango” Escabeche com uma revisão das Pérolas Oliveiras

Quando eu era criança, Eu amei azeitonas pretas. Minha mãe iria colocá-los em nossas saladas e eu gostaria de levá-los e colocar meus dedos nos orifícios das azeitonas sem caroço. Então eu iria comê-los off meus dedos. Não cada criança fazer isso? Gostaria de arrebentar todas as azeitonas para que, por […]

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Butler Soy Curls Comente e Receitas: Curls Buffalo soja

  Como meus seguidores sabem, a comida que eu pensei que eu “não poderia viver sem” era frango. Meu pai costumava dizer que eu comi tanto frango que um dia eu iria brotar penas. Quando eu desisti de carne, Eu não tinha certeza de como eu ia sobreviver sem frango. Ao longo dos anos, porém, Tenho aprendido […]

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