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Vegan Chilaquiles

If you eat a gluten-free diet, finding snacks that are healthy and delicious is important. That’s why it’s so great that there are companies like Beanfields Snacks. Their line of bean and rice chips are gluten-free, vegan and sooo good! I’ve reviewed Beanfields Snacks several times. They won a Trudy Award for Best Snack Food […]

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The Most Authentic Vegan Pasta Carbonara

Prima ero vegano, I never tried pasta carbonara. I find that odd since it has four ingredients I loved: pasta, uovo, bacon and cheese. But somehow this dish fell under my radar. I know about it mostly from watching cooking shows on TV. It’s Rachael Ray’s husband’s favorite dish, the first dish she ever […]

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Garlicky Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread with Kale and Follow Your Heart Cheeses

Today is National Cheese Lovers Day. It’s funny, prima ero vegano, I was not a big cheese lover. I loved two cheeses – mozzarella e parmigiano grattugiato. Questo è tutto. Così, quando sono diventato vegano, giving up cheeses wasn’t such a big deal for me except when I made Italian food. Più, when I became […]

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The Most Amazing Potato Nachos and Review of Sweet Earth Foods (Part One)

When I write recipes I don’t usually label them as “the best,” “the ultimate” oppure “perfetto” as some people do. I’ve always felt that sounded a bit conceited and was up to the eaters to decide for themselves. But calling this recipe just “Potato Nachos” didn’t seem accurate. It needed something else. And something more […]

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Cheesy Riso con Broccoli e Vegan Gourmet formaggio

  Come molti di voi sanno, Io non cucino molto prima che io diventassi vegan. La maggior parte dei miei pasti erano take-out o mangiato fuori. Quando ho fatto cucinare, la mia versione di “fatto in casa” coinvolto un sacco di scatole e buste. Le mie verdure erano il tipo congelato che è venuto con il piccolo pacchetto di salsa. I miei purè di patate […]

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