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Makeover Vegan Extreme: Philly "Cheezesteaks" Édition

March was a record-setting month of posting recipes for me. I posted 7 Extreme Vegan Makeovers; 8 if you let me count the one I wrote in March but posted on April 1st. It felt like I was on a roll and I was having so much fun posting recipes and getting positive feedback including that […]

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En mémoire de Shirley Wilkes-Johnson (1937-2011)

“Vegans can no longer be silent in this most important social justice change…anymore than we could have [resté silencieux]…by just not owning slaves during Antebellum slavery and saying slavery was a choice. Certaines choses sont si mal, ils ne peuvent pas être tolérés. Time is short and creating a vegan world has become crucial to saving […]

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