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ברוכים הבאים לעוד יום של VeganMoFo, החודש של אוכל הטבעוני. VeganMoFo is an annual event where bloggers all over the world dedicate their posts for one month to vegan food. What better topic is there? בשנה זו, The “V” Word is highlighting amazing vegan products – products that deserve to be written about, tasted and have the word about them spread. And if any recipes were inspired by a product, אני מוכן לחלוק את זה גם כן.


היום הדגש הוא על Tastymakes. Tastymakes makes “simply pure foods” which consists of a bunch of healthy, tasty snacks.


Tastymakes is a company created by Melissa and Ignazio who live in San Francisco. Several years ago, Melissa had a horrible accident which left her with severe injuries including traumatic brain injuries. Wanting something better than prescription medicine to help her heal, Ignazio cleaned out their fridge and pantry and restocked it with fresh veggies and whole foods. With a plant-based diet and meditation, Melissa finally began to recover. Her husband also noticed definite improvements to his health and energy levels. סופו של דבר, Melissa made a full recovery and discovered a calling.

Having wished that they had had someone to mentor them during their journey of recovery and transformation, Melissa dedicated the next five years of her life to the practice and research of health and nutrition. Her focus was on holistic healing, raw and fermented foods, digestive health, family planning and prenatal and pediatric health. Melissa is now a certified health and wellness coach and raw food chef, as well as spouse and mother.

Tastymakes offers coaching, free health consultations, and classes such as how to make tasty treats for holidays and making healthy toddler food. They also make tasty snack foods that you can feel good about eating.

הם עושים BarBites in vanilla nut, lemon and chocolate chip.


They also make Granola in vanilla, choco-choco, vanilla nut, and apple pie flavors


ו - Crackers in salt and vinegar, garden herb and fig and onion flavors.



Tastymakes generously sent The “V” Word a couple of their snacks to try and I was excited to try them. יש לי את Choco-Choco Granola ו Vanilla Nut BarBites. טרודי, The “V” Spokescow של המילה, was happy to model them for everyone.

The Choco-Choco Granola is perfect for anyone who loves coconut and chocolate. This tasty snack is made with sprouted buckwheat, sprouted millet, flax seed meal, תאריכים, unsweetened coconut flakes, אגוזי קשיו, אגבה, raw cacao nibs, vanilla extract and sea salt.

tastymakes (7)

This granola is perfect for topping yogurt, non-dairy ice cream or just munching out of the bag. It can also be your morning cereal – just put it in a bowl and pour some non-dairy milk on top. Or use it to top a cobbler made with fresh fruit. יאם!

The Vanilla Nut BarBites has lots of vanilla taste and nutty flavor. This is the perfect snack when you want something yummy but don’t want to get hyped up on sugar or bad ingredients. The BarBites are made with dates, sprouted walnuts, אגוזי קשיו, sprouted Spanish almonds, תמצית וניל, flax seed meal and sea salt.

tastymakes (8)

Let me tell you, these snacks didn’t last long in my house. The bags got a little emptier each day until suddenly, they were all gone. Now I’m craving the Apple Pie Granola and some of those incredible-looking crackers, especially the Fig and Onion Crackers.

All of Tastymakes snacks are raw, נבט, ללא גלוטן, vegan and organic. You can order their products directly from their אתר אינטרנט. Be sure to “כמו” Tastymakes on פייסבוק and follow them on לצפצף.

Tastymakes has an inspiring story behind them and they can also inspire you to become healthier and happier. Not only will they offer you tasty, healthy snacks but they are there to help you with recipes, a blog, classes and a true desire to share all they have learned with others. It’s certainly nice to support a company that truly wants to help support their customers in return.

Thank you Tastymakes for the healthy, delicious snacks! I can’t wait to get more.

tastymakes (5)

הקפד לבקר “V” Word every day for another vegan product (ומתכונים) I love during the month of VeganMoFo.

The “V” מלה: תגיד את זה. תאכל את זה. לחיות את זה.



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  1. Kelly Klepfer ספטמבר 8, 2014 ב 11:44 בערב #

    Thanks for sharing all your product loves. I haven’t tried Tastymakes yet. But after finding out the story I’m going to look for them.

    • ריאה ספטמבר 9, 2014 ב 5:06 בערב #

      It’s a great story, זה לא? 🙂

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