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Archive | July, 2010

Extreme Vegan Makeover: Gyoza and Vegetables with Spicy Soy Sauce Edition

It’s summertime and that means fresh fruits and vegetables. We wait all year for our favorite sweet and succulent flavors to come back into season. Some of us get to grow our own vegetables, some of us go to farmers’ markets, and some of us enjoy the better selection at the grocery store. But what […]

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Extreme Vegan Makeover: Improvisations Edition: "McVegans," Cheezeburgers, Corn on the Cob with Spicy Chile Garlic Butter, Sweet N’Crunchy Color Slaw & Simple Summer Salad

Between Tom and I being in between homes and living out of bags like nomads since last winter and the effects that has had on my health (including being out of work), we have missed out on a lot of things. We haven’t seen or spoken to our friends, we haven’t been able to attend […]

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