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Product Review: The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.


We love our dogs and fur babies more than anything so it doesn’t make sense to feed them food or snacks that are anything but the best. That seems obvious yet so many dog foods and treats have questionable ingredients. The way I see it, if I wouldn’t eat it, I’m certainly not going to give it to Benny.

Benny has been a fan of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. for years. He got a few boxes of their healthy cookies at ThanksLiving at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. supports a lot of animal organizations including the sanctuary. He had a choice then of a bunch of flavors of Pup-Squeaks and peanut butter was his favorite.


Lazy Dog is a big believer in giving dogs what they deserve. They use only simple ingredients that are delicious and nutritious. Their treats are free of wheat, corn, fillers, preservatives or anything artificial. They offer soy-free and grain-free options. All of their treats are vegetarian and vegan (read the labels to be sure there are no dairy, egg or honey ingredients if you want vegan treats).


The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. started as one person, Amy, making dog treats at home for friends and co-workers which became a calling and then a career. They support many animals and organizations. For instance, Lazy Dog supports “the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Animal Protective Foundation and Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist by donating treats so every family that adopts a new dog takes home some Lazy Dog treats.  Sometimes free treats are all it takes to help a dog find a forever home.” They also contribute portions of their sales of their vegan  6″ Peanut Butter Bones to animal welfare organizations across the country.

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Operation Drool Overload, for example, is a partnership between Lazy Dog and  Dogs on Deployment, a national non-profit providing vital assistance to military pet owners. When you buy “Operation Drool Overload” vegan treats, it supports this organization that provides a network of volunteer boarding homes and pet-related financial aid to U.S. military members.

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Lazy Dog has a line of vegan treats called “Treat Them with Love Cookies.” They are made with nutritious ingredients including antioxidant-rich pumpkin. There are 7 flavors: Barkin’ for Bananas, Howlin’ the Blues, Pizza Crust Bites, Peanut Butter Cinnifers,  Pumpkin Gingrrs, Sniffer Nutters, and Sweet Puptato Pies. Each features a unique combination of flavors and one of their dogs on the box.

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Lazy Dog was generous enough to send Benny a couple of boxes of the Treat Them with Love Cookies to try out.

He got a box of Pizza Crust Bites with basil and oregano

pizza crust bites

and a box of Howlin’ the Blues which have peanut butter and blueberry.

Lazy Dog (7)

Benny obviously cares about the ingredients listed on the box: “Oats, Canola Oil, Cane Molasses, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Flax & Blueberry.”

Lazy Dog (23)

Satisfied with the healthy and nutritious ingredients, Benny enjoyed his cookies which honestly shocked me because he usually refuses any cookies with fruit in them.

Lazy Dog (14)

He even shared some cookies with his frenemy, Rosie.

Lazy Dog (19)

Benny also loved the Pizza Crust Bites and to tell you the truth, with that smell of oregano and basil, I was tempted to have a few myself. They have “Oat Flour, Pumpkin, Cane Molasses, Canola Oil, Tapioca Flour, Oregano and Basil.”


But I saved them all for Benny and Rosie.


When you love your dog, you want to give them the very best and companies like The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. make it so much easier. It’s also wonderful how they give back to help animals and their people.

Benny has been a fan of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. for years and now Rosie is a fan too. They both can’t wait to try the other flavors and they hope that Lazy Dog will move to make ALL their dog treats vegan so they can have Pup-Pies and Celebration treats on their special days.

Lazy Dog (9)

Thank you, Lazy Dog, for the delicious and nutritious vegan dog treats. Benny and Rosie say “Woof, woof” (means thank you). 

Check out their web site and order some healthy treats for your best friend. Enjoy!

The “V” Word: Say it. Eat it. Live it. 



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