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Restaurant Review: Peacefood Cafe

This photo courtesy of Peacefood Cafe When we needed a place to take a friend out for her birthday dinner, I don’t know why Peacefood Café popped into my mind. I had never been there before and can’t remember ever walking past it. Maybe I read something recently about it. Whatever the reason, I’m so […]

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Restaurant Review: Gobo (UES) Part 2 – Brunch

And guess what? We didn’t wait until Sunday for brunch. Tom and I actually went back to Gobo during the week for another delicious outdoor dinner.  We made sure to order different items from the menu because we both get into the habit of finding favorites and sticking with them. This time, we had the […]

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Restaurant Review: Gobo (UES)

Now that I’m back in the city, I don’t have to cook every single meal myself. New York City is home to nearly a hundred vegetarian restaurants so when I can’t stand the heat, I can get out of the kitchen and enjoy someone else’s cooking for a change. One thing, however, always seemed to be missing […]

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