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VeganMoFo #5: So Delicious Cultured Milk and Mujaddara

Welcome to another day of VeganMoFo, the month of vegan food. VeganMoFo is an annual event where bloggers from all over the globe dedicate themselves and their blogs to posting about vegan food every day for a month. This year, The “V” Word is highlighting vegan products that are worth talking about, writing about, buying, […]

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The “V” Word Presents The Trudy Awards for Best Vegan Snacks

It’s awards season – a time to acknowledge the best of the best in so many venues. There is the Superbowl, the Puppy Bowl,  the Olympics, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Emmys and the Oscars! It’s a season of competition and winners!!! For a lot of people, that means a lot of parties and […]

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