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Matzoh Brei over Steamed Kale

How do you spell “matzoh?” Everytime I write the word, I think I spell it differently. Matzo. Matzoh. Matza. Matzah. Hmmm… Two years ago I posted a recipe for Fried Matzoh. I said then that the same recipe would work for Matzoh Brei which is true. But because I love fried matzoh and not matzoh […]

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Chocolate-Covered Matzoh

Now that the Passover seders are over, we turn our thoughts to other poignant questions about life, freedom, peace and…what to do the rest of our matzoh (and which way are we really supposed to spell it: with or without the “h”.) Sure, we can eat Fried Matzo and Matzo Brei all week. We can enjoy […]

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