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Restaurant Review: Rock Da Pasta

We all know how this story goes: you decide to dine out but not at a Vegan restaurant. You anxiously anticipate the meal, wondering what you are going to eat – a salad, a dry baked potato, maybe pasta with marinara sauce or a veggie wrap minus the cow pus…uh, I mean cheese. You dread […]

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Mercy For Animals Uncovers Severe Abuse to Calves

Got Milk? Got Child Abuse. The number of television commercials depicting “happy cows” on family farms is growing exponentially. But how happy could any cow be when she is raped and artificially inseminated, spending the majority of her shortened life pregnant just to produce milk her babies will never get to drink?  How happy can […]

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One Lovely "Lovely Blog" Award

One of my more annoying fears (to me) is writing blog posts and thinking no one is reading them. I suppose that’s why all bloggers love getting comments; even if people don’t agree with what you wrote, at least you know they are reading it. Comments on Facebook are great but my heart still falls […]

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In Memory of Shirley Wilkes-Johnson (1937-2011)

“Vegans can no longer be silent in this most important social justice change…anymore than we could have [remained silent]…by just not owning slaves during Antebellum slavery and saying slavery was a choice. Some things are so wrong they can not be tolerated. Time is short and creating a vegan world has become crucial to saving […]

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