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Archive | July, 2012

The Farmers Market Daughter, Pt. 1: Vegetable Pakoras and Cucumber Raita

Last summer was the 2nd worst summer of my life. I’m not exaggerating. Between personal problems, illness and staying with my in-laws upstate who hate me, I felt like I was in the deepest level of Hell. I was lonely, mistreated and very depressed. The only bright spot was on the weekend when Tom and I would […]

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Cashew-Based V-Butter (Palm Oil-Free, Soy-Free)

Just when we got used to non-dairy butter, now we are hearing we shouldn’t buy anything that contains palm oil. Why? Isn’t it vegan? Here’s the short story : “the increased demand for palm oil, which is grown only in tropical environments, is fuelling destruction of the rainforest habitat of Sumatran and Bornean orangutans, pushing those endangered […]

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