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Vegan Buffalo BBQ Chicken

It’s summer (almost) and summer makes ones thoughts turn to all thing BBQ. Even though I make my BBQ dishes indoors, I still love when they taste spicy, smoky and decadent. I’ve made a few BBQ dishes that I’ve posted here: Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs; Baked BBQ Tofu and Tempeh and Orange Balsamic […]

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Blossom on Carmine Summer Menu

Reason #693,984,224,877,113,989,303,485 Why I Miss NYC: the summer menu at Blossom on Carmine.  As if I needed another reason to miss the city, it’s time for all the wonderful vegan restaurants to unveil their summer menus highlighting the beautiful bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Blossom on Carmine sent me an e-mail asking me to […]

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I ♥ NYC Red Onion Sauce

When I was a kid, I loved getting hot dogs on the streets of New York. Just seeing that silver metal cart with the big umbrella got my mouth watering. Luckily, my father loved hot dogs even more than I did so I never feared being denied my request for a frank. Dad always got […]

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