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Yesterday I Missed Being Fat

Yesterday I missed being fat. I actually had a moment when I said out loud, “I wish I was fat again.” Sounds ridiculous, right? Let me explain. Tom’s and my birthdays are coming up this month. We both needed new clothes and shoes so we reluctantly set out to go shopping. I say reluctantly because […]

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Tofu Francaise with Linguine

When I lived in the Bronx, there was a great but strange Chinese take-out place. Great because they made some really delicious food; strange because the food they made so delicious was Italian while their Chinese food…well…not so much. And I lived in a very Italian neighborhood so there were a lot of authentic places […]

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Chili con Tempeh

One day it feels like Spring, the next it feels more like Winter again. One day I’m posting salad recipes and today I’m back to warm, comforing foods like chili. This is my vegan take on Chili con Carne but instead of meat, crumbled tempeh is browned to give it that same “beefy” texture. The […]

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