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Please, Please Ask Me Where I Get My Protein

Ask some vegans what question annoys them most and you will probably hear “If you don’t eat meat, where do you get your protein from?” The runner-up question is probably, “If you don’t drink milk, where do you get your calcium from?” And why are these questions so annoying to many vegans? Probably because they […]

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Hug in a Mug Tomato Soup

The weather has been pretty erratic around here. One day it’s cold, the next day it’s warm and sunny, the next day it’s pouring rain. Last night the wind was blowing hard enough that we had to take the wind chimes down so they wouldn’t fly off and break. We even had some snow last […]

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Sauteed Delicata Squash Rings

Last post I wrote about stuffing squash. This time I’m showing off the prettier side of squash. Delicata squash is a long winter squash that is usually yellow and/or green on the outside and yellow or orange on the inside. You don’t have to peel it which is a big plus in my book. Simply […]

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