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Vegan Buffalo BBQ Chicken

It’s summer (almost) and summer makes ones thoughts turn to all thing BBQ. Even though I make my BBQ dishes indoors, I still love when they taste spicy, smoky and decadent. I’ve made a few BBQ dishes that I’ve posted here: Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs; Baked BBQ Tofu and Tempeh and Orange Balsamic […]

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Green Chile Queso Beast Burger with Guacamole and Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger

Prepare yourselves: The Beast is coming! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Beyond Meat more, they are unleashing The Beast. The Beast is Beyond Meat’s new burger. The Beast Burger is amazing! Beyond Meat is changing the whole veggie burger game with this one. This quarter-pound vegan burger is incredible. It looks like a […]

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VeganMoFo #8: Vegan Products I Love – Beyond Meat & Caribbean Citrus “Chicken” Recipe

Welcome to another day of VeganMoFo, the month of vegan food. VeganMoFo is when bloggers all over the world dedicate their time and their blogs to posts about vegan food every day of the month. This month The “V” Word is concentrating on vegan products that are worth writing about, reading about, buying, trying and […]

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Pasta with Vegan Bolognese Sauce

“This is the best sauce you have ever made,” Tom said as he was putting some of the leftover Bolognese sauce on some bread for a snack. “I think it tastes exactly like Mom’s,” I replied. And it was true. Every bite of this sauce took me right back to my mother’s meat sauce and […]

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Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Two years ago I felt really lucky. I got to try this new product at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s ThanksLiving event. The new product: Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips. They were incredible and even more incredible was that the dinner was prepared by the amazing Terry Hope Romero. Beyond Meat was not available for purchase then […]

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Seitan Pot Roast

  Let me start with my apologies to my gluten-free followers. This dish is not gluten-free since it contains seitan. However, it can totally be made gluten-free by swapping out the seitan for tofu, tempeh, mushrooms or if you’re really lucky, Beyond Meat. And if you have access to Beyond Meat, then I don’t feel […]

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