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Witamy na inny dzień VeganMoFo, miesiąc żywności wegańskiej. VeganMoFo is an annual event where bloggers all over the world dedicate their posts to vegan food for an entire month. This month, The “V” Word is dedicating its posts to “Wegańskie produkty kocham.” Są to produkty, warto pisać o, reading about and definitely worth spreading the word about! And if any of the products inspired me to create new, delicious recipes, Podzielę się, że dobrze.



Obecnie koncentruje się na Woodstock Foods. Here is how I discovered Woodstock Foods. Mieszkam w Woodstock, NY so when I was in Sunflower, our local natural foods market, I saw that the brand of tofu in the refrigerator case was called “Woodstock.” I thought it was a local brand, named after the town but I was wrong.


Woodstock Foods is a company that began selling natural and organic foods over 25 lat temu. They believe that “good food comes from simple ingredients farmed from sources we can trust.” Woodstock Foods began by launching their nut butters and today they offer over 250 products in over 10 categories.

Przez 70% of their products are domestically sourced and over 75% are USDA Organic. Przez 145 of Woodstock’s products are Non-GMO Project Verified with over 80 more on their way to being verified.

Niedawno, Woodstock Foods teamed up with non-profit American Farmland Trust to raise awareness about the importance of preserving land for sustainable farming.

Woodstock Foods makes a lot of great products that I use in my recipes. Here are just a few of them with Trudy, The “V” Spokescow programu Word, modeling them:

Organic Diced Tomatoes

Woodstock tomatoes (1)

Organic Kosher Dill Pickles

Woodstock Foods (2)

Organic Smooth Almond Butter

Woodstock Foods (1)

Woodstock Foods also makes condiments, frozen fruits and vegetables, cranberry sauce, packaged fruits, nuts and seeds, packaged grains, relish, kiszona kapusta, snacks and my favorite product of theirs – tofu.

Let me talk to you about Woodstock Organic Extra-Firm Tofu.

pobieranie (2)

This is my absolute favorite tofu in the entire world!

Dlaczego? Is it because Woodstock Foods has one of the first Non-GMO Project Verified Organic Tofus? Is it because their tofu is higher in protein and calcium than other types of tofu? Dobrze, all those things are awesome but they are not the reasons why Woodstock Foods Tofu is my favorite. The reason is because it is the firmest extra-firm tofu I have ever cooked with. Mam na myśli, I could be blindfolded and have five types of tofu in front of me and I could still pick out Woodstock’s tofu in a heartbeat.

When you open the package of Woodstock tofu and drain the water, the tofu is already firmer than many other brands AFTER they get pressed! And once it is pressed, it is solid as a rock (to quote Peaches n’Herb). You can slice it as thinly as you need to. It will not tear, break or crumble. This type of consistency is important when cooking especially when you want to make tofu scallops or cutlets.

Just the other day, I had to use a block of tofu that was not Woodstock’s (GASP!). It was drained, it was pressed and it still jiggled like Jello. I needed to cut it into slices and it tore. The tofu shimmied under my knife and I think I shed a tear or two, wishing I had a Woodstock block of tofu instead. It’s that good. O, and it tastes better than other brands too.

Look at just some of the delicious dishes I have made with Woodstock Foods Tofu:

Tofu przegrzebki



“Chicken-Fried” Tofu

chicken fried tofu and taters dish (3)

Perfect Baked Tofu


Tofu Francaise

tofu francaise cut

I could go on and on because pretty much every tofu recipe I have made for the past 4 years has been made with Woodstock Foods tofu if I could help it. It’s really the best. Mam na myśli, look at this grilled tofu – look how firm this looks:


The next time you go out to buy tofu, try and find a store that carries the Woodstock Foods brand. Sprawdź ich Znajdź sklep znaleźć sprzedawcę w Twojej okolicy. W rzeczywistości, the next time you want to buy any products that you know are organic, non-GMO and from a company that cares, buy Woodstock Foods brand.

Sprawdź swoje strona internetowa więcej informacji i przepisów. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Dziękuję, Woodstock Foods, for making the BEST TOFU EVER!!!

Pamiętaj, aby odwiedzić “V” Word all month for VeganMoFo więcej produktów wegańskie kocham!


The “V” Słowo: Powiedz to. Jedz. Żyć.



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4 Odpowiedzi na VeganMoFo #2: Kocham produkty wegańskie – Woodstock Foods

  1. sara Wrzesień 2, 2014 w 12:42 pm #

    I used to live in Poughkeepsie, and had the good fortune to visit Woodstock and its animal sanctuary. I don’t remember seeing this tofu but it looks great!

    • Rhea Wrzesień 2, 2014 w 3:00 pm #

      Glad you got to see the sanctuary. It’s my favorite place in the world. Check the store locator on the Woodstock Foods web site to see if they sell it near you.

  2. charj Wrzesień 2, 2014 w 11:59 w #

    I used to get Woodstock Farms products at a heath food store and a food co-op that have both closed. I don’t remember trying the tofu. I will definitely buy some when I run across it again.

    • Rhea Wrzesień 2, 2014 w 2:59 pm #

      It’s not a Woodstock city product. Just a coincidence but still the best tofu ever.

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