VeganMoFo: "M" é para Moo Shu Legumes com Pancakes 5 Spice

O “V” Palavra continua sua celebração VeganMoFo, o mês de deliciosa comida Vegan, com a outra 25 letras do alfabeto. Today we hit the half-way mark with the 13th MoFo post. Our letter of the day is “M” which stands for Moo Shu Vegetables with 5-Spice Pancakes.

I have to confess to a quirk of mine. Eu amo o idéia of sandwiches, tacos and other foods that are wrapped or encased in some kind of bread or dough but then when I eat, I always end up taking the food out of said enclosure. I’m just not a big bread/dough eater, especially if it’s soft and doughy. Para mim, bread should always be toasted and preferably garlicky.

Tom learned quickly that if we got heroes, he would end up with half of my bread. I would always cut the sandwich in half, combine all the filling into one half of the bread and leave the other half behind. Then I had a bigger, more packed sandwich but with half the bread. Para mim, that meant double the flavor and half the calories.

When I make Spanish food and serve tortillas, I make several for each of us but I usually eat only one – just one to try the food in a tortilla and then I decide I like it better without the wrap. Para mim, the wrap masks the flavors in the dish. I like the fillings of lasagna but not all the lasagna noodles. Maximum filling, minimum bread – just enough to hold the ingredients together. That’s how I roll…or unroll, Eu acho que 🙂

The same thing would happen whenever I would order Moo Shu dishes from Chinese restaurants. They would come with a bunch of pancakes to roll the shredded cabbage dish into and I would eat one before I continued to just eat the Moo Shu out of the container.

So when I decided to recreate Moo Shu Vegetables for myself, of course I had to also make my own pancakes so I could try at least one wrap. I could have used corn tortillas but that didn’t sound right for the Chinese dish. I needed Vegan and gluten-free pancakes that would compliment the Moo Shu Vegetables. 5-Spice powder is a mixture of spices commonly used in Chinese cooking. The most common combination is star anise, dentes, canela, fennel and Sichuan pepper or ginger.

Here is my recipe for Moo Shu Vegetables with 5-Spice Pancakes. Crunchy, repolho picado, peppers and carrots and sliced mushrooms in a delicious, thick, sweet and tangy brown sauce. Wrapped in chive-filled, aromatic 5-Spice pancakes…ou não. It’s up to you.

Moo Shu Legumes com 5-Spice Pancakes

For the Moo Shu Vegetables:


2 Tbs. óleo de amendoim
2 dentes de alho, picado
1 Tbs. gengibre, ralado
2 copos cogumelos, em fatias finas
1 head of savoy cabbage, picado
1 pimentão vermelho, em fatias finas
2 small carrots, cut into thin strips
6 cebolinha, cut in half lengthwise and into 1 ½ inch pieces
3 Tbs. marrom vinagre de arroz
2 Tbs. mirin
2 Tbs. sem glúten tamari
2 Tbs. molho hoisin


Heat a large skillet with the oil. Add the garlic and ginger and let cook until fragrant, sobre 2 atas. Add the mushrooms and let cook until browned, sobre 4 atas. Add the cabbage and let cook until it starts to get tender but crisp, sobre 5 atas. Add the bell pepper and cook about 2 atas. Add the scallions last and cook for about 2 atas.

Add the brown rice vinegar, mirin, tamari and hoisin sauce to the skillet and cook for another minute or two. Let it thicken a bit. Serve while hot with 5-Spice Pancakes.

For the 5-Spice Pancakes:


1 ¼ cups chickpea flour
1 ½ cups non-dairy milk
1 Tbs. manteiga vegan, derretido
1 Tbs. farinha de grão de bico + 2 Tbs. água
1 Tbs. fresh chives or scallion greens
½ colher de chá. 5-Spice pó
Spray de cozinha


Em uma tigela pequena, mix the Tbs. of chickpea flour and the 2 Tbs. of water until it is a loose paste. Este age como um ligante. Em uma tigela, mix the milk, butter and chickpea flour/water mixture. Add the chickpea flour to the bowl and mix into a batter. Stir in the chives and the 5-Spice Powder. Refrigerate for up to an hour.

When you are ready to make the pancakes, remove the batter from the fridge. Se for muito grossa, you may need to add a bit of water.

Heat a non-stick 8” skillet. Spray with cooking spray and pour about ¼ cup of the batter in the center of the skillet and swirl it around until it covers the pan. Cook until the edges brown and you can flip the pancake. Cook on the other side for just a minute.

Keep pancakes on a warmed plate or in the oven (200 graus) until ready to eat.


“M” é para Moo Shu Legumes com Pancakes 5 Spice. Por outro “M” palavras, confira o meu Moroccan Split Pea Soup, meu Minestrone Soup with Turnip Greens e meu Salada mediterrânea com Sun-Tomate Seco Vinagrete.

O “V” Palavra: Diga-. Comê-lo. Vivê-la.

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4 Responses to VeganMoFo: "M" é para Moo Shu Legumes com Pancakes 5 Spice

  1. Rhea Parsons Janeiro 25, 2012 em 3:09 em #

    Thanks Veganosaurus. 🙂

  2. Veganosaurus Janeiro 24, 2012 em 3:21 pm #

    Oh wow!! Looks sooooo yummy!! It’s making me very hungry. I’m gonna try this out the next time I make dosa batter (I like rice more than chickpea flour when it comes to pancakes).

  3. Rhea Parsons Outubro 19, 2011 em 3:26 em #

    Hi beans,
    I really hope you like it! Obrigado.

  4. beansfigsandkatz Outubro 19, 2011 em 2:03 em #

    yum! i have half a cabbage in the fridge, i might need to make this tonight!

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