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Mówią, że dobre rzeczy są w 3 i że nigdy nie było bardziej prawdziwe niż teraz. Robiłem 2 opinii o miejscach w New Paltz, Nowy Jork przed: niesamowite, oszałamiające, organiczne knajpka, Karma drogowe, i biodra, zabawy włoska restauracja wypełniona opcji wegańskich i bezglutenowych, Da makaron skała. Now this college town hits the trifecta with Lagusta w Luscious, an artisanal chocolate shop that will make you want to go back to school just to be nearby.

Lagusta’s Luscious was founded in 2003 by a vegan chef, Lagusta Yearwood, who creates art with her handmade chocolates and other goodies. Her passion burns not just for food but for animal rights, social justice and environmentalism. Not only is Lagusta’s Luscious good for your tastebuds, they are good for the community. They work closely with local farmers and producers to source ingredients from vanilla beans to beets.

Not only is Lagusta’s Luscious good for your heart, they are good for the planet. All of the chocolate is organic and fair trade, and more than 95% of their fresh ingredients are certified organic. Są “a completely vegan business using 100% post-consumer recycled paper and packing materials…compost all kitchen scraps, use all eco-friendly cleaning products, and generate almost no waste!”

Lagusta’s Luscious is not on Main Street with all the other shops. It’s a little off the beaten path but close enough to walk to in 2 protokół.

Now normally, I’d save this part for the end of the review but for those of you who are reading this and saying, “But I don’t live anywhere near New Paltz,” hold on to your hemp hats: they ship!! And they have a Chocolate of the Month Club (z 3-, 6-, and 12-month memberships) where each month you receive 2 boxes of special offerings such as Macadamia Maui Vanilla Cream with Chamomile, Peanut Butter Mousse Filled Floppy-Eared Bunnies or Saffron and Wild Lime Bonbons. Talk about a special delivery!!

We stopped into Lagusta’s Luscious last month. It is an adorable shop decorated in candy colors and their bluestocking logo everywhere (even on the lighting shades) and has the feel of an old-time candy store. If you can divert your eyes from all the racks and displays of deliciousness, you can see the work area behind the counter where the magic happens.

There are so many temptations to choose from. There are pain au chocolat, croissants and other pastries that are made from scratch and are irresistable.

We got a box filled with a small selection from all that was available. An almond truffle, a peanut butter cup, a port walnut truffle, a solid heart, a walk in the woods bonbon, a coconut rum truffle and a tabby toffee.

All the flavors were distinct and fresh. The chocolate was rich and silky-smooth. The peanut butter was like none we ever tasted before. We really needed another boxful because we didn’t want to share!

We also tried the Salted Galapagos Turtles and the Chocolate Dipped Blood Orange Slices.

The salt enhanced the chocolate in the turtle and made for an extraordinary treat.

The blood orange flavor was intense and perfectly complemented by the chocolate they were dipped in.

Not to be left out, Benny got some heart-shaped Dog Biscuits (chocolate-free, Oczywiście).

Chocolate isn’t the only thing going on at Lagusta’s. They sell savories such as drinks, koktajle, wypieki, house-made chickpea tempeh, cashew cheeses, miso, vinegars, coffees and Wild-Foraged Shawangunk Mountain Loose Teas. They also sell seeds so you can grow your own flowers and veggies.

I bought a jar of their ramp vingear which was absolutely amazing!

There is no question that no matter where you live, you need to make Lagusta’s Luscious a part of your life. Whether you are visiting New Paltz (which you should) or on the other side of the country, this chocolate is too good to be missed. Szczerze, those who know me know I don’t even like chocolate that much but I LOVED it and can’t wait to get more!! If Lagusta is the Willy Wonka of the Hudson Valley, I want to be an Oompa-Loompa. 🙂

Being the social activists that they are, you can interact with Lagusta’s Luscious everywhere. One way or another, you need to show some love to this gem of the Hudson Valley. Just for the record, Lagusta w Luscious, Kocham cię!

Shop on their web site http://www.lagustasluscious.com/shop/
Check out their Chocolate Flavor Guide http://www.lagustasluscious.com/guide.htm
Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Bluestockingbonbons
Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/LagustaBonbon
Follow the blog http://lagustasluscious.wordpress.com/
Or visit them in person
25 North Front Street, New Paltz, Nowy Jork 12561
Telefon: (845) 255-8834 Open 12-7 every day

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