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Black Bean Cabbage Soup

It may be Memorial Day Weekend and everyone is looking forward to a cookout but the weather is a washout. It’s pouring here and it’s cold!! It’s definitely a soup day. This soup is more like a meal. It’s filled with delicious veggies – celery, carrots, green beans, tomatoes and cabbage. It also has black […]

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Fried Onion Pancakes

I love onion rings! Whenever I was eating in a diner, I had trouble deciding between fries and onion rings – so I’d get both. It’s easier to do that when you are with someone else so you can order the fries and the other person can order the rings and you split them. Trying […]

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Product Review: Treeline Cheese

The search for delicious vegan cheese feels like it’s never-ending, especially if you want one that isn’t filled with chemicals, palm oil, xanthan gum or carrageenan. Well, now the search is over because there is a new brand that meets all those needs. Treeline Cheese is artisan-made in the Catskill region of upstate New York and luckily, […]

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Homemade Baked Potato Chips

When the potato chip commercial says “Bet you can’t eat just one,” they are definitely talking to me. And by “one,” they mean one BAG, not one chip. Potato chips are one of my weaknesses. Salty, greasy, crunchy and fried – all my favorite food groups. In the old days whenever Tom and I sat […]

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