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Restaurant Review: Garden Café on the Green

When you hear the name Woodstock, you probably automatically think of the famed music festivals held in the ‘60s. Actually, the events were held in Bethel, N.Y. but Woodstock is still considered the home of American music, arts and crafts. Walking through Woodstock is like stepping back in time. People smile, say hello and make […]

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500 Days of Veganism

Today is my 500th day of being Vegan. In less than 2 weeks, it will be my 2 year anniversary of going veg. Since I am obsessively introspective, it is only fitting that I use these milestones as opportunities to reflect upon what I have learned and experienced since making such life-altering decisions. But there […]

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Extreme Vegan Makeover: Improvisations Edition: "McVegans," Cheezeburgers, Corn on the Cob with Spicy Chile Garlic Butter, Sweet N’Crunchy Color Slaw & Simple Summer Salad

Between Tom and I being in between homes and living out of bags like nomads since last winter and the effects that has had on my health (including being out of work), we have missed out on a lot of things. We haven’t seen or spoken to our friends, we haven’t been able to attend […]

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