Benny ją wegańskie Cuts Dog Lovers Box



Remember when I told you how amazing Wegańskie Kawałki is when I reviewed their awesome snack box? Dobrze, now I’m here to tell you that Wegańskie Kawałki has gone to the dogs…dosłownie. Wegańskie Kawałki is offering the Dog Lovers Box which is packed with a bunch of canine goodies that will have your dog howling for joy!

The Dog Lovers Box has swag from all these great companies like V-Dog, Natural Balance, Eco Dogs and Cats and Max & Ruffy’s.


There’s kibble, flea and tick repellent (very important this time of year), soap, treats and even biodegradable poop bags. You know you can never have enough poop bags.

The Dog Lovers Box contains $44 worth of doggie fun for TYLKO $24.95 and that includes the shipping costs (in the U.S.)! Now that’s something to wag your tail about.

I could tell you more about what I think of the Dog Lovers Box but since I’m not a dog, I think I’ll let Benny tell you what he thought. Tom helped him open his Dog Lovers Box when it arrived and Benny had some serious opinions about it.


Take a look at the slideshow and then go visit Wegańskie Kawałki and order a Dog Lovers Box for your best friend. Cieszyć się!


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