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7 Years Vegan – Selective Compassion

Today is my 7-year vegan anniversary. Every year I try to reflect on how being vegan has changed the way I think, feel, live and look at the world. Because it does change – there are times I’m more angry, times I’m more sensitive, times I feel empowered and times I feel helpless. It’s certainly […]

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Why I Could Never Quit Being Vegan

  Whenever I have a vegan-versary or veggie-versary, I write an essay focusing on what veganism means to me, what struggles I work through or some other batch of feelings I need to express. July 21, 2015 marks 7 years to the day I watched “Meet Your Meat,” stopped eating meat and began my vegan […]

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Apologies and Love Letters: 6 Years Vegan

Today is my 6 year anniversary of becoming vegan. I was going to write a new essay but nothing I could write could express how I feel more than this essay that I wrote for my 4 year vegan anniversary. So I present it again, updated. Whenever people comment about the pictures of food and […]

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Animal Place and the Food for Thought Campaign

  In my mind, animal rescuers are the most wonderful, admirable and compassionate people out there. They tirelessly spend their time, money and lives saving animals from death, helping them to heal, get food, shelter and medical care and then, hopefully, homes where they can forever live in peace and happiness. The love and empathy […]

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